5 Places to Store Your Luggage in London


There are a few reasons why you might need to store your luggage while you are in London. 

Of course, if you are booked into The Piccadilly London West End, your arrival time is not quite synced with your check-in time, yet the lights of Piccadilly Circus are calling you…you’re more than welcome to store your heavy hunk of a suitcase with us. No need to arrange it ahead of time! Just drop it off prior to check-in and we’ll take good care of it until you’ve finished exploring and are ready to relax.

Likewise, if you are leaving London later in the day, but need to check out in the morning and want to explore the local tourism, leave your bags with us and come back before catching your train or flight.

Business travellers can make the most of our corporate accommodation in Londontoo! If you have a presentation to give or a meeting to attend before you check-in or after you check-out, but would prefer not to do with your socks and pyjamas in tow, we’ll watch your things while you’re moving an shaking.

It’s clear that guests of The Piccadilly London West End won’t have a problem with bag storage, but what about everyone else?

Train Stations

If you are ever in doubt and somehow without a means of researching what to do, a train station is always a good bet – even if it is just a starting point for asking an information desk where to go. The people manning these desks are beacons of local knowledge relating to tourism, so you can trust them to offer a sound solution for your situation. As people who have travelled in London before will have experienced, there are plenty of train stations, but a lot that are tiny – just about offering a platform, let alone luggage storage facilities. So, it is mainly the bigger stations where you will find success – especially those with Overground and National Rail links. Here are train stations in London that offer luggage storage services: 

  • Charing Cross: Main concourse, 7am – 11pm
  • Euston: Platform 16-18, 7am – 11pm
  • King’s Cross: Main concourse, 7am – 11pm
  • Liverpool Street: Platform 10, 7am – 11pm
  • Paddington: Platform 12, 7am – 11pm
  • St Pancras International: Main concourse, 5.30am – 11pm (except Sunday: 7am – 11pm)
  • Victoria: Platform 8, 7am – 11.59pm
  • Waterloo: Exit 6 (South Bank), 7am – 11pm.

Luggage Hero 

The truth is clear as day in the name of this luggage storage company – they are true heroes of the baggage game. With over 120 locations throughout London, you will have no reason to regret packing that extra pair of shoes. It costs £1 per hour per bag, so you can tailor the service to your exact needs. Nobody wants to pay a blanket fee when they have a schedule, which is why flexibility is so important and why LuggageHero offers these personalisable rates. Your luggage is insured when in LuggageHero’s capable hands, so you can be carefree and explore the city. 

Contact: contact@luggagehero.com

Nanny bag

Nannybag is particularly great because it has partnered with shops and hotels across London who will look after your bags while you explore. Meaning – there are loads of them and they are accessible and easy to find. Whereas some storage units might be slightly out of the way, given that they need a lot of space, these are just ordinary shops and hotels with a bit of extra storage space, so they are right in the thick of the area. All you need to do is correspond where you are with their list of venues on their website and you are A for Away. 

Contact: +44 20 3318 2568

City Stasher

CityStasher, also known as Stasher, is a prime location in London to stash your travel goods if you are planning to leave your things for a long period of time. LuggageHero, for instance, is fantastic if you are only needing to store your things for a couple of hours. But things get pricier if you are leaving it for long and they are charging by the hour. Enter CityStasher. It costs £6 for 24 hours, and £5 per additional day – a real bargain if you consider what that would cost on an hourly basis! This includes £750 of insurance and a reliable space to leave your things while you venture into the city burden-free. There are over 120 StashPoints across the city, so check out their website and figure out where the closest venue is to suit your activities. 

Contact: +44 20 3355 3544

Don’t let your luggage weigh you down – literally and metaphorically. With these spots scattered around London, waiting to watch over your things as loyally as Buckingham Palace guards, there is no reason to be uncomfortable or concerned about the safety of your belongings. Whether you are hoping to make the most of the tourism, or in town for business, the last thing causing you stress should be what to do with your luggage once you are no longer staying at your hotel. The cost is a small price to pay for your comfort and the opportunity to make the most of the bustling metropolitan hub that is London. 


As we said, The Piccadilly West End London has no problem storing our guests’ luggage. 

Not staying with us? 

While we can’t guarantee anything, hotels in West End London England will generally offer guests baggage storage. After all, if you have some time to enjoy London before or after checking in, it would be a waste to miss out simply because of your luggage. It is always worth checking with your hotel if they have any storage facilities because while the suggestions above are great alternatives, the easiest route is always to leave your bags where you plan on unpacking them. Head to the concierge on arrival, or give them a call beforehand, to find out what they offer. 

With your luggage stored safe and sound, what parts of London will you explore?