5 Shows To See At The Royal Academy Of Arts

Royal Academy Of Arts

If you’re a lover of art or a fan of cultural history then you’ll be spoilt for choice by the amount of amazing artistic institutions, galleries, museums and venues that are dotted around London. Whether you prefer paintings, sculptures or more contemporary art then you’re sure to find something that peaks your imagination in the cultural melting pot that is London.

The Royal Academy of Arts is one of the city’s most renowned artistic institutions and has been displaying some of the world’s finest works for nearly 250 years. Even if you only have a day or two in London while staying at the Piccadilly London West End, you should definitely visit this hotspot of creativity. If you are planning on visiting, be sure to read through our list of top shows and exhibits so you don’t miss out on the best bits.

Primrose Hill

Second Nature: The Art of Charles Tunnicliffe RA

Work from one of the most renowned wildlife illustrators in the world is set to be displayed at the Royal Academy of Arts this season and the anticipation has been building throughout the artistic community. During his career, which spanned the 1900s, Tunnicliffe produced some of the finest and most detailed depictions of birds and other animals seen to date. From now until October you’ll have the chance to view this astonishing collection of art, so be sure to take advantage of our discount hotels in West End London to make sure you don’t miss out.

Matisse in the Studio

This unique exhibit will give you the opportunity to step into the studio of one of the most prolific artists of the 20th century. His bold use of colour and originality was legendary in the world of art and now you can see the studio in which he created some of his best work. Browse the collection of materials and artistic tools that helped sculpt some of his timeless paintings. Admire some of the unique and quirky items that Matisse collected as part of his inspirational journey.

The Interpretation of Movement

At the famous St Pancras Station, you can now see an installation by the well-known sculptor Conrad Shawcross, who has unveiled his latest piece of work to the people of London. Take a trip from your Piccadilly London West End hotel and see the beautiful work of craftsmanship. The gorgeous 16 meter timepiece now sits proudly above the millions of busy travellers that pass through St Pancras.

Jasper Johns: ‘Something Resembling Truth’

The renowned American sculptor, painter and printmaker famous for his work with abstract expressionism will be showcasing some of the most rare and treasured works from his 70 years of creating art. The aim of the exhibit is to observe and scrutinise the way in which his method, style and creations have changed over the course of his career.

Fred Cuming RA

As part of the Academicians in Focus series, the Royal Academy of Arts will be showcasing some of the best work by Fred Cuming. His amazing use of light and shadow is what helped him create such a big name for himself within the artistic community. The imaginative use of natural scenery and colour has resulted in a series of works that you’re sure to enjoy.