Afternoon tea with a twist: indulge in our very special Indian cuisine treat

Indian Afternoon Tea

For many, there are few more treasured experiences on a visit to London than trying a traditional afternoon tea at an iconic dining venue. But what about for those who’ve visited the city before and have already partaken in this delightful, delicious activity? Well, how about giving it another whirl but, this time, with a playfully cunning, culinary twist? In short, how about treating your taste buds to an Indian-themed afternoon tea at the Piccadilly London West End hotel?

For, yes, this treat, to be tucked into and savoured at our property (one of the finest discount hotels in West End London), is just as much an afternoon tea as any other you’ll come across, but with a difference. The difference being, of course, its ingredients, flavours, aromas and all-round experience is suffused with the very finest culinary delicacies of the Indian Sub-continent.

And why not? Because, frankly, when you visit the UK capital you’ll probably quite quickly come to appreciate that of all so-called ‘world cities’, this one’s probably the ultimate – ideas, cultures and cuisines from every corner of the planet coalesce to create today’s ‘London’; and none more so than the ideas, culture and cuisine of India.

 afternoon tea

Delicious delicacies

Our sumptuous Indian afternoon tea is served up in our restaurant Hankies, which itself is a haven for a modern take on authentic Indian street food. Along with every other dish served at the fine-dining destination then, this English tea-time favourite’s shot through with spices and other culinary touches of the sub-continent, such as homemade Lucknawi spiced scones, which contain strawberry cumin jam to perfectly complement the ginger and cardamom tea with which you’re also served – or a glass of Prosecco should you have a hankering for a touch of the bubbly.

And yet, as with any decent afternoon tea offering, it’s all about disappearing into another world of terrific taste; an hour or two of sheer indulgence. And this is achieved via our Indian afternoon tea’s comprehensive menu. To start with, guests can choose between either Ladoo Strudel, Kheer Shots or Galub Jamun crème brulee, while the second course comprises Bhindi Bhel, Chicken Hankies Roll (or Paneer Hankies Roll, as a vegan alternative) or Grilled Keema Sandwich (or Grilled Bombay Sandwich, as a vegan alternative). Finally, the aforementioned course of Lucknawi spiced – or Bakharkhani – scones are followed by Kulhar Ki Chai (ginger or cardamom tea served with ‘Indian Sugar Box’) or, alternatively, your choice from a selection of supreme international teas.

 indian tea

The finest Indian cuisine

So, if your taste buds are now well and truly whetted, there’s only one way to savour them… pop into our restaurant and sample our outstanding Indian afternoon tea London; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. How could you be with such sublime flavours and such terrific teas to choose between for your special occasion?

Plus, of course, you might want to give Hankies a try for any other meal during your stay. Serving up succulent spiced grills, signature dry curries and pan fries that are brimming with delicious variety, it also offers an array authentic Indian beers, spirits and cocktails. Quite frankly then, whatever your appetite’s pleasure.

To book either an Indian afternoon tea or another meal at Hankies – whatever the size of your party – please telephone the restaurant team on 020 7871 6021 or email