Alternative New Years Eve Spots


New Year’s Eve is just under a fortnight away, and if you want to catch the fireworks but can’t face the New Years crowd in central London, then it might be worth looking for alternative spots to see the fireworks. Every year, the spectacular London New Year’s fireworks display is set of from behind the London Eye on the South Bank. The fireworks, enough to rival bonfire night, are broadcast across the country when the clock strikes midnight, and lead to an influx of guests attempting to enter the city centre. The main viewing areas are closed off at around 10.30 pm, and often get very crowded. Ensuring that you are in a position where you can enjoy New Year’s Eve without the stress might mean finding alternative fireworks spots in the city. Below are some of the best alternative places to catch the fireworks, which won’t require you to queue up on the crowded South Bank for hours.

Primrose Hill

Based in Regents Park, Primrose Hill is one of the most popular spots for seeing the fireworks due to its stellar views over the London skyline. Rising 213 feet into the air, Primrose Hill is located next to Camden, prime North London party territory, and on the North side of Regents Park. This makes it pretty much equilateral distance between Camden and your hotels in the West End, offering a wide range of options when it comes to continued late-night revelling.

Telegraph Hill

Many South East Londoners flock to Telegraph Hill in Nunhead to catch the fireworks. Another brilliant spot for seeing the London skyline, Telegraph Hill is situated close to trendy Peckham and on a quaint stretch of suburban roads. With cafes, pubs and clubs located not far away, the intimate Telegraph Hill is the perfect setting for all who find themselves in South East London on New Year’s Eve.

Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is a suspension footbridge which opened in June 2000, and with it marking the new millennium, what better place to catch the fireworks? With a great view over the River Thames and access to the Tate Modern and Globe Theatre on the Bankside, and St Paul’s Cathedral on the North side. Get a spot quickly though, the bridge tends to fill up with spectators very quickly indeed.

Sky Garden

The stunning Sky Garden sits atop 20 Fenchurch Street, more commonly known as the Walkie Talkie building. Of course, standing on one of the top floors of a glass panelled skyscraper in central London already promises a jaw dropping view, but pair that with the London fireworks and the raucous Studio 54 themed party, and you’ve got yourself a crown jewel of a New Year’s celebration.

Royal Festival Hall

Plonked right on the South Bank, the Royal Festival Hall, or Southbank Centre is an island of celebration in the sea of Southbank firework spectators. Here you’ll find a great balcony from which to view the fireworks, alongside live music, DJ’s and cocktail bars. Book a ticket soon as this is a not to miss New Year’s spectacular.

Alexandra Palace

From the stairs of Alexander Palace, you’ll get a great view of the fireworks from afar, basking in the atmosphere of one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Alexandra Park is perfectly placed to see the fireworks, and with the history surrounding the park and it’s beautiful palace, this promises to be a truly London New Year for a British first timers.