Amazing facts and figures about the famous Piccadilly Circus of London.


London is one of the most vibrant cities of the world and is hence a popular destination for travellers from around the world. London has number of places that are extremely popular and attracts tourists the most. One of such iconic places of London that you must visits and rather can not miss while you are in London is the Piccadilly Circus. This is one of the most famous road intersections and probably the liveliest places in the city. What makes it special is its stunning architecture, the statute of Eros and the bright and massive screens that beautifully light-up this iconic place.

Piccadilly London West End

To explore this area fully, you must book your stay at one of the hotels near Piccadilly Circus. Staying in this area makes you live in the heart of the buzz that London is famous for and keeps you close to all the other popular attractions as well prime transport links like the tube and trains that makes commuting super-swift for you.

While you explore the lively area of Piccadilly London, here are some interesting facts for you to know and discover.

Facts and figures

The famous status of Eros is made of aluminium. Plus, few know that generally the statute is believed to depict Eros, it was actually created as an image of his twin brother, Anteros.

The advertising done on these big screens are worth millions and more. Advertisements here are expensive as this is most prime location of central London where hundreds of tourists and locals walk past every day. You will be amused to know that Coca-coal has had a sign at Piccadilly Circus since 1954. On these screens you will also find the current transport information. The only time a film or a non-commercial video that was shown here was on 23rd November 2007. This was the Ballet of Change: Piccadilly Circus film that showed the history of this place.

Booking a stay in this area will also give you easy access to the Piccadilly West End area where you can witness many theatricals and musicals.

What is the definition and meaning of Piccadilly and Piccadilly Circus?

The definition of Piccadilly goes a long way and has deep history behind it. The name Piccadilly originates from 17th century frilled collar that was called a piccadil. Roger Baker was a resident of this area and he became rich making piccadils. While the word circus refers to roundabout that was here at that time and helped circulate the traffic. However, this place has no roundabout now.

How did Trafalgar Square get its name?

After the famous battle of Trafalgar, it was decided around 1835 it was decided that this square would be named after the battle. It was a commemoration of Nelson’s victory over the French and Spanish during the Napoleonic Wars.

What line is Piccadilly Circus tube on?

You can easily access Piccadilly Circus at the Piccadilly tube station that is located beneath Piccadilly Circus itself. This station is in Zone 1 and is on the Piccadilly Line as well as the Bakerloo Line of London underground tube station. The station is also a good meeting place near Piccadilly Circus.

Which zone is the Piccadilly line?

Zone 1 in London.

Is the Piccadilly line 24 hours?

Since 18th November 2017, the Piccadilly line service operates 24-hours on weekends.