An Afternoon at the Cartoon Museum


There are always new things to see in London and no matter how many times you visit, you’ll still discover different places to go. The Cartoon Museum is one of the many attractions that is often overlooked but offers a lot of cultural fun.

Just a short trip from The Piccadilly Hotel London, the Cartoon Museum gives visitors an inside look at some of the country’s best cartoon creators and animators. Any artists or holidaymakers travelling to our hotels in West End London with kids will not want to miss out on a trip to this vibrant house of art. Here are some of the things you can expect to see.

Kids exhibits in london

Strip Cartoons

This colourful exhibit has been put together to showcase the historic timeline of strip cartoons and newspaper comics. Ever since newspapers and magazines have existed, strip cartoons have provided artists with a creative way to engage with readers and put forward clever ideas and humorous stories.

If you love jumping straight to the comics when reading the newspaper, this the perfect artistic exhibit to check out. With work stretching back over 100 years from artists such as Andy Capp, Bristow and Dick Tracy, this is a must-see for anyone staying at The Piccadilly Hotel London.

Kid’s workshop

If you’re travelling to London with the kids, be sure to take them along to the Cartoon Museum so they can explore the amazing exhibits and colourful characters on display. If you have any aspiring artists or animators, the museum offers workshops that can cultivate their creativity, help them improve their skills and find their artistic voice. This is a wonderful experience for any youngsters interested in bringing their imaginative characters to life. The workshops can be booked in advance so you can make sure that your kids have enough time to learn something new during your trip to London.

Historic collection

The history of cartoons and animation is rich with colourful characters and unique storylines that have captivated the imaginations of people for centuries. The library at the Carton Museum is packed full of works from hundreds of years ago that showcase the evolution of cartoons. From the golden age of caricatures to modern comics, you’ll find a huge collection of drawings, books and cartoons from iconic artists such as Thomas Rowlandson, James Gillray and George Cruikshank. Take a trip through time and browse this amazing collection to discover some of the best works in the world.


Take a stroll through the gift shop before you leave the Carton Museum and check out some of the exciting accessories that are on offer. There is a collection of novelty cups and mugs that feature all kinds of characters, jokes and illustrations. One of these would make a great Christmas gift for any friends that are fans of comics and superheroes. You can also find a vast collection of reprinted classic comics and books to inspire you or help you learn some new techniques and drawing skills.