There are a wide range of legendary areas to visit in London and getting through them can take days at a time. With the West End and Soho, you’ll find yourself wondering through lanes and high streets you’d never seen before, even if it’s the tenth time you’ve visited and with Notting Hill, the vast swathes of manor houses and parks hide untold cultural riches. The same goes with Camden, a staple of West London and arguably the gatekeeper for the rest of North London. Below are some of our Camden highlights, including historic, cultural and social landmarks to jump start what will undoubtedly be one of your fondest memories of London.

Entertainment in Camden

From Amy Winehouse to Harry Styles, Camden is well known for housing a wide range of famous entertainers. With a history of being a hotbed for the arts, Camden has become the home of a variety of theatres and music venues, all showcasing some of the best in cutting edge and classic entertainment. If you’re visiting the Piccadilly London West End Hotel and looking for some entertainment which is off the beaten track, then look no further than Camden.


Based in a nook and cranny of Camden Lock, this iconic venue hosts the best in punk and rock bands, bringing a lively atmosphere which literally reverberates through the walls of the Camden canals.

Lock Tavern

A little way up from the market, nestled firmly on Chalk Farm Road, the Lock Tavern is your go-to for the next best things in music. Often hosting free gigs and special events in this lively pub’s upstairs area, you’ll find a quaint terrace and great music mingling into this hidden gem of a music venue.


This historic music hall plays host to much of the popular international talent of Camden. Dating back to 1900, this trendy venue can hold up to 1,400 music lovers.

Camden Roundhouse

The Camden Roundhouse is one of the best venues for pop music, hosting famous musicians and bands such as The Pixies and The Coral as well as monthly poetry slams and charity events.


Shopping in Camden

Camden is not only an entertainment hub, but a great place for unique shopping opportunities as well. If you’re staying at the Piccadilly London West End Spa and looking for a place to shop for souvenirs, then Camden is certainly a primed for retail therapy.

Camden Market

Made from a warren of bars, market stalls and restaurants, Camden Market is a labyrinth of market stalls selling everything from smoking paraphernalia to vintage clothes. With unique stores such as rave punk haven Cyberdog and a Moroccan leather shop, every trip to Camden Market will reap new rewards.

Historic Camden

Camden has a long spanning history, bringing a rich multicultural hubbub to the area. This has led to a wide range of historic museums and sites in the area, including St Pancras Old Church and the Jewish Museum. These provide respite from the usual partying, retail heavy atmosphere of Camden, giving way to a more focused exploration of the area and it’s centuries old history.