Any trip to a major city such as the UK capital of London comes with a lot of potential tourist traps to avoid. Here’s our handy guide to doing just that – and some useful alternative options to make your trip to the nation’s heart a real success!

Limit Your Driving

If you can, leave the car at home. London traffic has always been notoriously busy and complicated, and parking is often scarce in some of the more popular destinations. Instead of driving, why not try one of London’s many great transport links? You could travel via the London Underground, grab a famous red London bus, take advantage of the Rent-a-Cycle scheme, use cabs or simply do a great deal of walking.

When taking advantage of West End Hotels special offers, you certainly don’t want to waste your precious time waiting to travel around the capital – and thankfully there are lots of ways of get where you are going which will give you a break from the stress and responsibility of being a motorist. After successfully avoiding half an hour in London’s rush hour and day to day gridlock, you’ll certainly thank us for the tip-off.

Book Tickets in Advance

Where possible, book tickets for your chosen events and tourist attractions ahead of time. Queuing may be a national pastime, but it is certainly not a fun one – and it’s something you can really afford to miss during your visit. Lots of people fall into the trap of assuming their tickets may be cheaper if they buy them on the day, and in some cases this can be entirely true – but it is also a bad option if the venue or event you’re attending has a limited capacity or you’d rather not set the alarm to wait around in the early hours to be at the front of the line!

Skip the Tour Bus

Swapping out on a pricey official tour bus for the trusty London bus network can be a cost-effective way of getting around – and a more authentic one, at that. If you don’t fancy yet more queuing or could do without a tour guide telling you what to look at for the entire journey, get a bus timetable and find your way around the city like the locals do. Day tickets can be purchased for the London bus network at a fraction of the price of a tour bus.

Explore London’s Lesser Known Buildings

London’s historic buildings get a lot of tourist footfall – understandably so – but what of the ones which tend to be less popular with the tourists? Venues like Westminster Cathedral are as steeped in history as any other, but they also tend to include far shorter waiting times and far fewer crowds than somewhere like Westminster Abbey. With a few clever choices and a little forward planning, you can see and do far more than your fellow visitors trapped in the same old cycle.