Bargain Food Shopping to Make Your Mouth Water in Piccadilly


London has a reputation for being notoriously expensive and many people will spend a small fortune when they visit for the weekend.

Often this is because they don’t know the best places to go where you can find good deals.

If you’re in the city and need to grab some food, don’t get lured into the pricey tourist traps, instead read our blog and find out about some of the cheap spots you can head to grab a bite or pick up those cupboard essentials.

After you’ve sniffed out the best bargains you can find, head back to your room at the Piccadilly hotel London, where a gorgeous bed and hot bath will be waiting.

Food Shopping

The People’s Supermarket

72-76 Lamb’s Conduit St, Holborn, London WC1N 3LP

If you’re looking for sustainable, healthy food and really reasonable prices, head here where you will be able to pick up the best quality fresh fruit and vegetables and all of your other food essentials under one roof. This place was established with a desire to connect those living within urban communities with local farmers, creating a friendly hub of cohesion. A lot of their fresh goods are organic so it’s a perfect place to visit if you’re health-conscious.

You’ve saved the pennies by doing your food shopping here, and luckily by staying at one of our discount hotels in West End London you won’t have splurged too much on your overnight stay either. Who says a trip to the capital has to be expensive?

New Loon Moon

9A Gerrard St, London W1D 5PN

This place is a mecca in London for anyone who has a passion for cooking Asian food. Located in an 18th century listed building and stretching across 4 floors, the selection of food here is so impressive you could easily spend an entire afternoon shopping for new supplies. Head to the first floor, where you will find Chinese, Japanese and Korean foods, along with a wide range of exotic fruits and vegetables. Feeling more adventurous? The lower ground floor is where you will find tantalising tastes from countries including the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Has all that shopping got you feeling worn out? Stroll back to your room at the Piccadilly hotel London, where you can relax in style and plan for all those delicious meals you’ll be able to cook once you get home.

Le Supermarche

35 Craven Rd, London W2 3BX

French food lovers rejoice, Le Supermarche is your one-stop destination for all the delicious French cuisine you could ever need. Whether it’s fresh fish or fruit and vegetables you need, you’ll find it all here, and at surprisingly reasonable prices too. If you’re looking to treat yourself and are feeling a bit naughty, their selection of chocolates and sweet treats will get your mouth-watering. At such good prices, you’ll be able to stock up on goodies for the whole year.