Best Family Activities for Tourists In London


You can’t please everyone and that’s just a fact. Especially on holiday, and certainly in such eclectic cities as London, it can be very difficult to find the right days out to suit everyone in the family. Fortunately, the city of London has many sure-fire hits for all the family, and whilst it may be tempting to stay in the comfort of you and your family’s rooms at the Piccadilly London West End, you should take a chance to explore all the family friendly attractions that the city has to offer. In the UK capital, there truly is something for everyone.

Hampton Court Hedge Maze

Hampton Court

The historic Hampton Court is one of the most popular royal sites in the city. Based in West London, Hampton Court is one of the most famous of the Royal Palaces and was once inhabited by Tudor King Henry VIII. The maze itself is simple, and only takes up around 0.2 kilometres. That being said, the maze is one of the most popular attractions in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace and was allegedly made for the famous Tudor King over 300 years ago. With a lot of space around the palace gardens to frolic on a summers day, why not explore the grounds of Hampton Court Palace, combined with a picnic and a tour of the palace itself.

London River tours

London River tours

Whether you take a Thames Clipper or a high-octane RIB tour, a journey up the Thames is potentially one of the most fun London boating experiences out there. These tours are a hundred percent guaranteed to give you a great look over the city, sailing past the South Bank and many other famous riverside side locales. With many tours being guided by London history and architecture experts, you’ll also learn a lot about the iconic river during your tour.

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Tour

The Harry Potter Tour in Warner Brothers Studio is based a little way out of London in Leavesden but is well worth the journey for the amazing range of Harry Potter artefacts and production specimens. Whether old or young, if you’re a Potterhead then the Harry Potter tour is bound to fascinate. With life size replicas of real Harry Potter sets as well as original costumes and models from the film series, the Harry Potter Tour gives you an amazing understanding of just how much work and artistry went into the productions.

Kensington Row Museums

natural history museum london

South Kensington is one of the most popular stops on the District Line due to the three museums on Kensington Row. These diverse and expansive museums are all family friendly and are also free to visit. If you’re looking to teach the kids about the biological and geological history of the planet, then the Natural History Museum is perfect, and if you’re looking for some kid friendly science experiments, then check out the Science Museum next door. What’s more, the Victoria and Albert Museum holds one of the most expansive collections of design and technical crafts in the city. Whatever your interests or that of your family, these free museums are a London must-see.