The best places to eat in London’s West End

Fish & Chips

Finding a good restaurant takes time and effort, both of which are luxuries after a West End show. Naturally, you can expect to encounter difficulties when seeking that perfect eatery when you’re finished. Though traditionally it’s hard to find good restaurants in areas clustered with theatres, in London, most things are entirely possible and require only a small suspension of disbelief. That’s why there are several great places to grab a post-theatre bite in the West End. They’re not entirely connected to nearby theatres, though some will make references with pre-theatre menus and the like.

Fish & Chips

Though we can help you find them, we still recommend that you book a table in advance! And whilst you’re there, why not book a stay in the nearby Piccadilly London West End, one of the best hotels of its kind?

Social Eating House

58 Poland Street

With sparse furnishing, mirrored ceilings and bare walls, Jason Atherton’s funky eatery features food for more refined tastes, sporting a minimalist atmosphere that forces you to focus on your meal. Luckily the food is both elegant and satisfying, so there’s no shortage of good stimuli for your senses. The poster child of a world renowned chef who’s spent the last few years making a name for himself, Poland Street’s Social Eating House should cater nicely to anybody with exquisite tastes in food, regardless of the stripped back décor. Fast service and casual vibes are the goals here, but it’s probably best left for after your show, since the food is enchantingly good.

Green Man & French Horn

54 St. Martins Lane

Green Man & French Horn is perfect for anyone who not only likes their wine, but also knows a thing or two about it. It’s essentially a gastropub – an excellent bar with really great food, equipped with some fantastic wines and full of the type of clientele who like to talk about it.

This is French food prepared well and served with nicely priced wines. Try the soft-boiled duck egg, anchovy paste, or snails for a particularly pleasant meal.

The wines are all fully natural; some biodynamic and organic.

 The Delaunay

55 Aldwych

The Delaunay features a nice interior that’s spacious and feels expansive. This open super-room is the ideal setting for a post-show dinner date, if opulence and good food is your style. There are plenty of booths with a nice amount of space between tables lit by brass lighting fixtures. For food, try the spatchcock chicken with green sauce, or the corned beef pretzels. Both are scrumptious and well filling.

With swift service and diligent catering, it’s difficult to bypass the impression that the place is well-organised. And its ideal location in Aldwych makes it easily accessible by just about any bus in London. Restaurants in West End London don’t get more convenient than this.