The best smoothie stops in London


When you’re exploring the capital there’s nothing better than a cool, fruit packed smoothie to keep you going during the summer months. Luckily, London is home to some of the freshest, most creative smoothie bars around. Hotels near the West End not only give you an opportunity to see some of the impressive sights but try out delicious drinks too. If you’re keen to get your five a day, here are our top picks for the health conscious.

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Joe and the Juice

There are a few of these stores across the London area now and they’ve all become firm favourites for those looking for a fruit packed boost. All the smoothies and juices are made fresh, giving you an excellent tasting drink. All of the locations have got a laidback atmosphere where you can chill out before heading back out to explore London. Top choices at this smoothie bar include the Energizer – red grapefruit, ginger, and apple – perfect for a busy day and the goodness filled Joe’s Green Mile –broccoli, spinach, avocado, apple and lemon.

Natural Kitchen

If you’re looking for a fresh smoothie that packs a punch, look no further than Natural Kitchen. Located in Trinity Square, it’s the perfect place to stop off for a quick pick me up as you take in some of the famous sights nearby, including Tower of London, Tower Bridge and the iconic skyscrapers in the financial district. Aptly named super smoothies feature on this menu, with a host of superfoods such as raw coconut oil and kale taking pride of place. Grab a smoothie to go and power walk through the rest of your itinerary.

Elephant Juice Bar

If you’re looking for a pick me up that’s a bit smoother, the Elephant Juice Bar is perfect. They have a stall located at the Whitecross Street Market during the week but have pop-up stalls across the city too, so it’s well worth taking a look where they’ll be during your trip to London. As well as a regular menu, the brand also serves up seasonal concoctions that reflect current local produce too. The rainbow range is bright, colourful, and tastes as great as it looks. The Red Juice, filled with beetroot, carrot, apple and ginger, is a must try.


If it’s choice you want, Supernatural is the place to be. The flagship store is conveniently located in the underground station of Canary Wharf but more are popping up across the capital. There’s a huge range of pre-created smoothes to choose from, including the tasty #PassionColada and #WonderWoman, both delivering plenty of healthy goodness. What really sets Supernatural apart is that the store lets you build your own shake. The pop-up kiosk in Old Street underground station invites you to get creative and choose everything from the milk used to the protein added to deliver a boost.


You can find a Crussh in pretty much every area of central London, so you can always get your smoothie fix. Healthy, freshly blended, and delicious sums up the extensive range of smoothies on offer here, making it the perfect place for a pit stop and recharge. Whether you choose the Fat Burner, packed full of tasty berries, or the Pineapple Pleasure for an exotic taste of the tropics, you won’t be disappointed with your choice. You can swap out the usual ingredients for healthier alternatives too, including almond milk.


With outlets across London, you can find a Pure that’s accessible when you’re trekking around the capital. Not only do they do food but have a range of incredible tasting smoothies and juices too. The Vit-Hit, containing mango, coconut, spinach, ginger and apple, is the simple way to get some much needed vitamins, while the Cherry Chia packs a delicious punch. With a focus on natural nutrients, you can be sure that your drink is as fresh as possible, with fruit being delivered and freshly squeezed every day.

Restaurants in west end might be around every corner but so too are healthy smoothie bars, perfect for on the go snacking.