Best Sweet Shops for Christmas Stockings in Piccadilly


With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to dig out your stockings for your family and think about what you’re going to fill them with. Whether you really push the boat out with your stocking fillers or prefer to go for cheap, fun options, no Christmas morning is complete without sweet treats.

If you’re spending a weekend in London, why not take advantage of the Piccadilly London West End special offers by staying at one of our West End hotels London and checking out some of these wonderful sweet shops to find the perfect gift for those loved ones with a sweet tooth and a love for chocolate.

Christmas Sweets


Russell St, London

This little gem is any sweetie lovers heaven and their extensive range of sugary offerings will have your mouth watering as soon as you step foot inside. Created from a true passion for sweet treats, this Willy Wonka style shop is the perfect location for finding a wide range of candies that children and adults will both love. Their flavours are pretty inventive too, so be sure to try their explosive cherry and honey melon hard candies, which come in gorgeous glass jars to make the perfect gift and stocking filler.

Kingdom of Sweets

Oxford St, Fitzrovia, London

This place boasts the esteemed title of England’s biggest sweet shop, so you’re sure to find something in here that everyone in the family will love. Their range of retro sweets are a fun option and choices like popping candies will transport teenagers back to their younger days. Here you will also find a great selection of American sweets, all of which have become really popular over here in recent years. You could easily lose track of time and spend hours in this shop, but once you do manage to pull yourself away you’re only a short walk from our west end hotels London which means you can head back to your room and relax.

Hardy’s Original Sweetshop

Charing Cross Rd, London

When it comes to classic, high-quality sweets, there is nowhere better to visit than here. Browse their range of fudge and hard candies, all of which come housed in beautiful packaging and will make gorgeous presents for any of your friends or family members. If any of your relatives are avid Harry Potter fans, be sure to pick them up a chocolate frog or a packet of Harry Potter jelly slugs.

M&M’s World

Leicester Square, London

Everybody’s favourite candy-coated chocolate treats can be found by the millions at one of Leicester Square’s most popular shops. M&M’s World is a paradise for chocolate addicts and offers the biggest selection of multi-coloured candy in the country. With multiple floors packed to the brim with every style of M&M you could think of, as well as a huge selection of colourful merchandise, kids and adults alike will find themselves lost in a wonderful world of sugar.