Best Tourist Attractions in the West End, London


The exciting West End area of London is the second most expensive location in the world mainly because it is the heart of the city and an important entertainment and shopping district. It is also the place where you can find the most famous attractions of the city as well as exclusive shops, famous department stores, superb boutique hotels, restaurants and cafes. The city’s best theatres, art galleries, museums and cinemas are also located here. The top-rated tourist attractions of West End include:

Piccadilly London West EndPiccadilly Circus:

It is the busiest area of London where five major streets intersect. It is home to Shaftesbury Memorial, with a bronze fountain, plenty of cinemas, theatres and iconic shops such as Fortnum and Mason.

Royal Academy of Arts:

Burlin House

It is housed in Burlington House and it hosts a summer exhibition of work by contemporary British artists, every year. It is normally open to the public so that they can see Michelangelo Tondo, which is the Academy’s greatest treasure and is the only example of the famous artist’s work in Britain.

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Burlington Arcade:

This attractive high-end Regency-style shopping area is one of the first glass arcades in Europe. It still follows its old rules regarding the type of goods on sale that are enforced by costumed security personnel known as Beadles.



It is famous for its many specialised food and delicatessen shops, as well as restaurants offering international cuisine, its high-end restaurants and a concentration of the most famous West End theatres. It has an exotic nightlife as well.

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Leicester Square:

Famous as a place of entertainment, it has a statue of Shakespeare and the busts of four famous former residents, including that of Sir Isaac Newton. A statue of Charlie Chaplin is also located nearby.  It has London’s best-known cinemas where major film premiers take place in the UK. Chinatown and Carnaby Street are also close by.

Marble Arch:

marble arch

This imposing triumphal arch stands on an island close to Tyburn, the infamous place for executions. It was originally meant for being the main gateway to Buckingham Palace but being found to be too narrow, it was moved to the north east corner of Hyde Park.

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The Wallace Collection:

It has one of the most valuable art collections presented to the nation by a private individual. It has 25 galleries and a collection that contains a wide range of works in many different styles plus furniture.

The other worth seeing attractions are Regent’s Park, London Zoo, L Ron Hubbard’s Fitzroy House and Sherlock Holmes Museum.