Over the years, Camden Market has become famous for providing a market experience that’s a little bit different – and that’s probably because despite what the name might suggest to the uninitiated, there’s a lot more to this weekend favourite than a mere market.


Camden Market is one of the few markets in London that has remained as popular with locals as it has with tourists and it is said to be a hub for all things trade, fashion and music. Many of our guests at The Piccadilly London West End are interested in exploring Camden Market but not everyone is familiar with what makes it such an icon in this part of town.

The History of Camden Market


Market traders have had stalls in Camden Town since the beginning of the 20th century. It wasn’t until 1974 however that this small, local market began expanding into the market that is world famous today. Though the stalls were originally temporary (as was the norm for all London markets in those days), they are now fixed shops that trade all day, every day to tourists who are looking to buy something a little bit different and locals who enjoy things that are unique.

Camden Market is split into two main sections; Camden Lock Market which as you’d expect runs along the side of the canal and has many food stalls, and the Stables Market, which is where you’ll find clothes, furniture, home decor, antiques and handmade crafts. These items are all displayed and sold from shops which have been created in old, disused stables.

Why Is Camden Market So Popular?

Camden itself is known for being cool, edgy and most importantly, the home of rockers. From the moment you step foot into Camden Town you’ll see what all the fuss is about; punk fashion, quirky bars, music venues, street performers, goth trends and everything your inner rocker could ever want. But, why does the market itself draw in thousands of tourists each and every year?

Ask anyone who knows anything about London and they’ll tell you that Camden Market has become an institution; it has a reputation to uphold and it does it well. It has long been a place where being unique is celebrated and where there is complete freedom to wear whatever you want and buy whatever you want. As a result, the market stalls are diverse and you’ll the quietest and oddest of items in all of London on offer here every day of the week.

One of the main reasons that Camden Market has remained so popular is that it really does appeal to everyone, regardless of interest, fashion, style or musical taste. Everyone from cybergoths to indie lovers will feel as though they fit in with the world that Camden has created.

If you’re staying in any of the hotels near the West End you won’t find yourself too far from Camden Market, and it’s definitely worth exploring. From The Piccadilly London West End it is easy to reach via public transport.


  • Is Camden Market open every day?

The good news is that the markets are open almost all day, every day. Camden Market Opening Time is from 10am – late and it’s open 7 days per week including bank holidays.

  • What day is Camden Market Best?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days where all stalls and shops are usually open. So, according to that,