Burlesque and Cabaret: the London Nightlife


Glitz, glamour, and a bit of spice: a perfect description of London’s West End. Cabaret and Burlesque are taking off in London; a fact that may seem a bit odd to people used to Britain’s Prim and Proper reputation. In truth London has always had a bit of a wild side when compared with the rest of the country, and this recent burst in popularity of Burlesque and Cabaret is but the latest example in a long tradition of London spice. Travellers who crave the old world style and veiled sauciness of the 1920s will find that London has much to offer them. We’ve put together a list of a few good options to interest fans, but keep an eye out for London West End deals in case you spot one we’ve missed.


A former public toilet may seem like a strange choice of locale for a chic bar, but this Victorian building turns out to be both comfortable and surprisingly spacious. The steps down to the entrance are just opposite the Lyceum Theatre in Covent Garden, an area positively brimming with excellent night spots. It is a cosy, intimate venue decorated like a futuristic Weimar Germany  and providing superb cocktails, period appropriate snuff for sale, jazz, and of course live cabaret and burlesque events on the small stage.

Volupte Lounge

Cream teas, secret organic cocktails, cabaret and comedy; the Volupte Lounge smoothly combines naughty and nice into a stylish bar that is well worth a visit. A two floor night spot with secret zones, plenty of nooks and crannies; the Volupte Lounge is theperfect venue the adventurous and inquisitive. You can watch some of the exceptional performers like: Mademoiselle Victoria Etoile, Honey Lulu, Tallulah Mockingbird, Ms Sienna Lately, Serenity, Liberty Pink and Trixee Sparkle. There is an emphasis on the Vaudevillian with regular themed nights, jazz, swing, cabaret singers, flappers, and even comedians and magicians.Throw an excellent menu of sharing platters and a few of those hidden cocktails and you have a perfect night out.

Madame Jojo’s

This former sleazy Soho strip club has transformed itself into a classy venue for burlesque and cabaret club nights. The heritage of its past identity is still strong with deep reds, velvet curtains, and mirrors featuring heavily in the décor; but the venue has transformed itself ably into one of Soho’s most enjoyable bars. Early evening comedy and cabaret, wild Sundays with everything from burlesque to belly dancing, stage shows followed by DJs playing an eclectic from funk to rockabilly. It is an excellently fun experience, well worth a trip for those nostalgic for a gilded age.