Where to do Business in the West End


If you reside in the midst of New York City, then there is no better place to represent the area’s spirit like midtown Manhattan. The same can be said for the West End, as it is busy, bustling and full of life. Due to the fact that is perceived as the largest central business district in the UK, the West End is without question the vibrant, beating heart of London.

Shopping malls, busi heartness districts, and iconic landmarks are prevalent in the area, which means that the West End is ideal if you are looking for the perfect business location. The region is home to some of the most iconic, widely regarded brands in the world, but also accommodates many affordable, innovative and quirky meeting spaces.Meeting

In order to make an instant impact and create a lasting impression you need to consider a number of key factors whilst searching for the right venue in London’s West End. For example; if you have a limited budget then you simply cannot afford to splash the cash on plush, impressive spaces, even if this is guaranteed to secure that all-important contract.

Instead, it is advisable to do a little research before making a final decision. The West End presents plenty of inexpensive options as regards liaising with both clients and customers so take a look at a site’s location and weigh up the options.

The area consists of five main districts, namely Soho, Covent Garden, Marylebone, Mayfair and Fitzrovia. All of these areas are easily accessible via public transport, especially when you travel on the Underground. The ideal corporate venue should be situated near main transport links, so that people can reach their intended destination with the minimum of fuss.

Even if you do have access to a car, it is rare that you would choose this as an efficient mode of transport in the capital. Due to extortionate parking tariffs and over-inflated permit charges, more and more people are choosing to use trams, trains and buses as a means of getting to the office, as it saves far more time and money in the long run.

You may decide to opt for a quirky, bijou meeting room which oozes individuality and originality. However, this might not be to everyone’s tastes, so you have to take all requirements into consideration. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to plump for something which suits all preferences, yet offers the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

In a superbly central location, with exceptional business facilities, the Piccadilly London West End Hotel is ideal for those all-important brainstorming sessions. The exclusive Club Lounge is available from 12 noon to 5pm daily, which allows for ample time to sort out any problems and iron out pressing issues.

Up to ten guests can be hosted in the Club Room, with exceptional coffee and delectable nibbles on hand whenever they require. And, if you are looking to extend your stay, there are plenty of rooms available for business travellers who want to unwind after a hard day’s graft. With high speed broadband in every suite, guests are guaranteed to connect with potential contacts in a matter of seconds. Disaster averted!

There is a 24 hour reception service, so you can arrive at the hotel at an unsociable hour and still be greeted with a warm, friendly welcome. Travellers choose the Piccadilly London West End Hotel for its incomparable customer service, convenient location and breath-taking surroundings, and it never fails to disappoint!

All local attractions are a stone’s throw away, and if you want to dine in style then there are so many restaurants, bistros and cafeterias to choose from. Head on into Chinatown after a night on the tiles and experience authentic cuisine from the best in the business. Dumplings, gyozas and pad Thai is all the range, so why not savour the moment?

Or, alternatively, dive into the hidden depths of Soho and experience a taste sensation! Density and diversity is what it’s all about nowadays, so why not treat your co-workers to a quick bite before heading back to the hotel and making that crucial pitch?

Rooms are being filled up fast, so you have to act quickly in order to secure a booking. For more information, get in touch with the Piccadilly London West End Hotel today on 020 7871 6000.