Capture the London sunrise


Photographers and Instagram junkies flock to London every day to capture some of the breathtaking beauty found throughout the city streets. Whether you’re a DSLR-wielding professional or you prefer using your smartphone camera, there are plenty of great spots around London that will have your social media account overflowing with likes.

There are plenty of locations close to the Piccadilly London West End Hotel where you can snap shots of the city as the as the sun rises over the horizon. Be sure to get an early start and enjoy a delicious breakfast at our West End hotels London before getting out the camera and starting your photographic journey into London. We’ve put together a few suggestions for you so you can find the best scenic spots in the city on your next trip.


River Thames

Even in broad daylight, the famous River Thames is one of the most beautiful sights in London. If you manage to capture the gentle waters as the rising sun reflects off the surface, you’ll have some of the best photos you’ve ever snapped. Take a stroll down the South Bank and find the perfect angle to capture the historic waterway. It may be a good idea to head there the day before to line up your shot, then go back to the Piccadilly London West End Hotel to get an early night.

London Eye

The London Eye is one of London’s most iconic landmarks, offering some of the best photo opportunities in the city. Line yourself lens up against the sun and capture the light rays as they sneak through the spokes on the giant Ferris wheel. The giant structure sits alongside the River Thames so the background scenery will complete the image perfectly.

The Shard

If you can manage to get to the top floors of the Shard before the sun comes up, you’ll be blown away by the view. The giant glass structure is the tallest building in Britain and offers an amazing platform for photographers. Capture the sun peaking over the city’s horizon as it wakes up the millions of sleeping residents below. The reflective surface of the building makes the Shard itself perfect for a sunrise composition.

Tower Bridge

The most famous bridge in London is also one of the most beautiful. If you time it right you can snap a picture of the sun rising behind the mighty bridge. An early start will mean that there will be less traffic, making it easier for you to get the shot you want. The strong iron pillars of the bridge contrast beautifully against the warm of the rising sun.

Oxford Street

This famous road in London is known more for its selection of high-end shops as opposed to its photogenic properties. However, it’s a different story when dawn comes. The positioning of the street means that the early morning sun rises up between the rows of buildings, making for a beautifully symmetrical shot.

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