The convenience of London’s transport systems


If you’re arriving in London through Heathrow Airport, you’ll be glad to know that you can whisk yourself away in a moment’s notice right to the centre of the capital. With London’s Heathrow Express service, travellers can arrive in Paddington in just 15 minutes. Just a stone’s throw away from Oxford Street and London’s West End, visitors can find a range of luxury accommodations in and around the area.

london bus While London is no doubt very interconnected, the questions remain if you’ll benefit from using the transportation services like the London Underground as much as you might think. Because if you’re staying in the West End or Paddington, many of the best sights and attractions will be found just a short bus ride away, at least, no longer than 40 minutes at most.

From London Eye to the Shard, to the London Dungeon Museum, and the Big Ben, a lot of what’s unique about the city is concentrated relatively close to each other. That’s in fact part of the reason why London is so popular. It’s easy to go on an epic adventure through, from one attraction to another, within the span of a single day. And when you consider that most people visit the city for at least five days, it’s easy to understand why travellers feel immense pleasure and gratitude for having visited the city.

In short, London is built for tourists in mind, and the melting pot of cultures and ethnicities makes everyone feel welcome. So book your stay in London sooner rather than later, and find out what all the fuss is about. You’ll no doubt find the experience to be not only revealing from a historical and cultural perspective, but you’ll also find London to be quite romantic at heart. To make finding attractions easier for you during your visit, we invite you to use the London city guide app, which houses all the best spots in the city on one easy to use platform.

So not only will you have the clarity you need on where to go during your trip, but you’ll also feel like you know where you’re going, every step of the way. Book soon to find an exclusive discounted package deal in London’s West End.