Discover, Learn And Explore At The Science Museum


Situated on Kensington’s Exhibition Road, The Science Museum stands as a pillar of educational and informative fun. It’s the perfect destination for any young and budding scientists out there, or anyone looking for an enjoyable, immersive experience. Get inspired and involved at The Science Museum.

What to See

The Science Museum will treat you to a selection of fascinating galleries, all filled with a healthy dosage of science-y knowledge! Get up-close to suspended aeroplanes at the Flight Gallery and enjoy the sights of famous aircrafts, such as Amy Johnson’s, Gipsy Moth and the Vickers Vimy. Once you’re up in the clouds, go a little further and get ‘Exploring Space’, the gallery showcasing all things out-of-this world. You can explore satellites, probes to landers and even rockets, including a full size replica of the spacecraft that took Armstrong and Aldrin to the moon, The Eagle.

View the evolution of medicine in the Journey through Medicine exhibition, and see how medicine has been perceived and changed over time.

Be inspired by Einstein’s Legacy exhibition, featuring scientific artefacts and information, where you can learn about the legacy Einstein left behind in the science world.

Get Involved

For those with younger children,The Garden, an interactive gallery, is a great space for them to get involved and get learning. They can learn while they play in the four areas; construction, water, light and sound and there are always explainers ready to help with any of their eager questions!

For a spectacular experience, book tickets to the Wonderlab at The Statoil Gallery. This interactive gallery allows you to explore the wonders of science and maths first hand and be transported to a world, blossoming with science.

Be Immersed

If you’ve got a thirst for science, but also a need for speed, book a trip on the museum’s simulators, where you can take a trip in a Red Arrow or get jet setting on Fly 360 or Typhoon Force. These simulators will truly immerse you in the fast paced, exciting world of science.

You can also experience the Discovery Motion Theatre: Legend of Apollo, where you be treated to a 3D adventure with exciting special effects, including, water, moving seats and flashing lights.

Getting There

The Science Museum is located on Exhibition Road, a central hub of museums and galleries. The nearest tube station is South Kensington and it is a short 5 minute walk to the museum, so you’ll have more time to explore and enjoy!