Enjoy panoramic city overviews from the spectacular Tower Bridge Glass Floor


There is absolutely no doubt about how exquisite the city of London is. Millions of travelers look forward to go out on a vacation to the British capital which is a blissful vacation spot to explore. With a scintillating array of travel attractions to check out and sizzling activities to take part in, the city of London is surely one of the very few cities in the world which is meant to make your vacation a fantastic experience which you would obviously prefer to experience during your holiday. The capital city of England is filled to be bursting with an enriching cultural exquisiteness as well as splendid historical significances.

Those who feel extremely skeptical about realizing their dreams of having a London tour due to the expense factor will always find this city to be extremely reasonable. London has got all of what is required for enjoying an eventful holiday and by means of boarding the affordable flights and suitable location, you can quite sincerely go ahead and enjoy a fascinating vacation. The capital city of England is a globally recognized for sprucing up the vacation spirit of each and every tourist in a fabulous manner. London is a wonderful vacation spot which has got the capabilities of making your days count as well as memorable and also lets you enjoy all the moments throughout your life.

When it comes to planning a reasonable holiday tour in London, it is always necessary to ensure that you have enjoyed every little bit of it and that too ina fabulous manner.

The capital city of England has always got this image of being extremely expensive. The city has a costly vibe which mainly frightens many travelers hailing from middle class backgrounds. To be very honest, there is absolutely nothing to get scared about. Although the world class city has some expensive hotels, posh restaurants and classy travel spots, this city belongs to both elites as well as to the budget travelers.

In case, you really do not intend to spend too much of money on your upcoming visit to the London city, you can still be assured of enjoying the most of the vacation in a fantastic way. London can be quite an affordable place to stay at especially because of the fact that this city boasts of offering a large number of tourists with all sorts of life comforting benefits.

In order to get the best views of the entire city of London, you always need to be specific about the kind of location which you choose to stay at. You really cannot afford to miss any single London attraction during your visit to the English capital. This is all because of the fact that the London city is a fantastic travel attraction which is extremely well enriched. You would surely not like to come back home with a pale face. There are actually lots and lots of places which you cannot even think of missing out on. Thereby, just in order to ensure that you have managed to see almost all the frequently explored tourist hot spots in the capital city of England, you must make sure to check out all the scintillating travel hot spots which this city is all about.

There is always so many things to do and explore in the British capital that often many people find even a span of 30 days to be extremely short enough to check out each and every corner of the city. As you start travelling in and around the capital city of England you will be able to explore the beautiful amalgamation of the ancient past with the remarkable present times. This is something which you cannot find anywhere else in the world and in order to get the best views of this city, you must also make sure to stay nowhere else but in the heart of the city.

When it comes to finding an appropriate hotel location in the city of dreams, you can go ahead and choose to stay at in one of the rooms in Piccadilly hotels. Piccadilly Circus is one of the most popular travel destinations in London which ahs occupied a major position in the city centre. In order to make sure that you have visited all the majorly explored tourist hot spots in the enriching capital city of England such as the stately Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Kensington Gardens, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Tower of London, Ascot Racecourse, Westminster Abbey and several more, you always need to put up at a hotel which lets you enjoy close proximity to all of these attractions and many others as well.

London is undoubtedly one of the most enriching travel destinations in the world and throw who will decide to stay in the hotels near Piccadilly Circus will definitely find it to be an ever so enriching affair where you can actually take initiatives in enjoying a great vacation experience which you can cherish for a lifetime.

Apart from putting all of the above mentioned spectacular names of the popular tourist attractions on your places-to-visit list, you must also look forward to check out the Tower Bridge Glass Floor. This fantastic travel spot tends to offer a never-seen before overview of the entire city of London. You can catch up with the spectacularity of the entire city from 42 meters above the River Thames. as you look down at the sea, you will be able to spy on some of the famous red London Buses as well as pedestrians crossing the bridge and many river vessels sailing under the same. It is indeed a magical moment when you could literally experience the movement of bascules beneath your feet.

The glass floor mainly measures around 11m long and some 1.8m in width and also comprises of some panels which again weigh 530 kgs each. A strong team of experienced individuals constructed this site.

Those who have fear of height will not have to feel bad about anything as the walkways also provide spectacular views of the city. This bridge undoubtedly showcases a path breaking feat of engineering excellence and has also made it to the ‘Great Bridges of the World.’