How to enjoy a weekend in London


London is one of the best towns for an exciting weekend. With its host of tourist attractions, its free art galleries and museums, and numerous night spots – it’s a treasure hove for those looking for a weekend adventure. The weather might not always be great; but whatever the season – the city’s nature remains the same. Now, you’ll obviously want to pick and choose the events and venues that better suit the temperature. Remember to check the weather forecast for the weekend ahead, and makes your plans accordingly. If you find it’s going to be particularly sunny, why not plan a trip to Sunset Safari at the London Zoo. Plus, with London’s West End hotels deals, you’re bound to find a delightful accommodation to compliment your visit.

On top of that, from there you can take the nearby tube and whisk yourself to The Shard. You’ll get a towering, encapsulating view into London’s skyline and landscape. Some recommend the London Eye for a similar experience, but if we had to pick one, we’d go for the prior. That’s not to say the London Eye isn’t special in its own right, but some say the experience is a little over hyped for what it is. Nonetheless, if you do – make sure you go at night. The way the city lights up at night is spectacular. If you’re after a more simple experience, take a trip down to Primrose Hill, and get a rapturous, albeit distant view of London’s skyscrapers.

If the weather is fair or drizzly – as it can be, take a trip the museums and art galleries. Famous venues include: the TATE Gallery, the National History Museum, the Science Museum and the V&A Museum. Take a trip to as many of them as you can; after all, they’re free!

How you should think about the weekend
Planning your weekend is vital. Why is that? Well, if you don’t – you’re more likely going to spend it doing nothing truly enjoyable. How often has the weekend rolled around after a long week of work; and how often have you spent it doing nothing worthy of truly remembering? For most of us, it’s too often. We’ve worked so hard throughout the week – and so we feel like we deserve a break. But what we fail to realize is that the only way we get a real break; is by doing things that are out of routine.

Anatole France once wrote, “Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labour by taking up another.”Laura Vanderkan in her book ‘What the most successful people do on the weekend’ said:  “Even loafing time must be consciously chosen”. Otherwise, what ends up happening is that our down time becomes drudgery. A time where we actually feel worse about life than when we were working. Naturally, planning three to five events that you can partake in throughout the weekend will allow you to truly relax. On top of that, you’ll get special experiences that you can remember for a lifetime. Plus, you’ll go into Monday feeling energized, positive and refreshed.

In essence, planning is the name of the game when it comes to having a fantastic weekend. Whether that’s in London or any other city. With the seemingly infinite choices for where to go and what to do, unless you plan – it’s easy to feel frustrated and confused when your weekend rolls around. By planning your weekend to the tee, and staying in a central accommodation, you’ll have easy access to a delightful, mesmerising weekend in London.