What everybody ought to know about London


Often, you’ll find that people who visit London come exclusively for the capital. The idea to venture out of the city into the distant spots in the UK doesn’t ever cross their minds. In this post, we’ll explore why – upon visiting London, you’ll be best positioned to explore certain areas outside the city. Moreover, we’ll take a look at what makes certain places outside of the capital special, and more importantly – why you should take the opportunity to venture out of the city. First and foremost, everything in London has the London vibe; and so finding something a little out of the norm has to be done outside the city.

Why day trips are great
Day trips are a phenomenal way to get a deep exploration into one or two sites. Tourists often try to pack in as many as many attractions in one trip as humanly possible. But by taking a day trip, you can learn to slow down and appreciate your extra time; allowing you to fully invest yourself in a secluded spot.

Trips worth going on
Stonehenge & Bath, Winchester, and the Canterbury and Leeds Castle – are the three sites we’ll be taking a look at. All of them are ideal for a journey out of London and into the unknown. We’ll explore what makes each one unique, so that you’re better able to discern which one is worth going to. When you’ve already travelled to London, it’s unlikely you’ll want to travel extensively from there. After all, all that travelling takes time. Naturally, we recommend you only visit one or two destinations from London once you’ve settled in say – one of the hotels in West End London.

Stonehenge has a collection of stones dragged from 5,000 years ago. And this enigma divides people in their opinions. Some say it’s absolutely fantastic, while some struggle to understand why thousands of people venture to see a site full of rocks. Nevertheless, the site represents English heritage in every sense, and some feel a deep pleasure when they visit the site.

Winchester is found in South Downs, and it’s a city like no other. Historically, it used to be England’s capital, and what stands out about this city is the way it’s been built. It’s cathedral-esque from start to finish, with various churches and old gothic buildings scattered across the entirety of the landscape. In short, it doesn’t feel like you’re in a city – but more like a town that’s been built to make spectators wow at every step.

Canterbury is a small, riveting town that’s full of history, and there you can enjoy the Canterbury historic river tours. Plus you’ll find two exceptional castles, and the famous cathedral and six quaint museums. The Leeds castle is surrounded in the middle of a lake, epitomising the magical nature of castle and folk stories. In essence, whichever of these three sites you visit – you’ll get a taste of something special.

In summary, London is undoubtedly full of excitement and wondrous attractions. Nevertheless, by taking the initiative to venture out of the capital, you’ll gain a richer understanding of the UK. Too often, many people think that London acts as a representational point for the rest of the country. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you’ll find that each city has its own character. Moreover, London is incomparable to any other city in the country. Even destinations such as Manchester and Liverpool, which are thought to be big cities – are more calm and peaceful then the electric, fast-paced city of London.Take a trip out of London, and discover something a little different.