What To Expect On The Warner Bros Studio Tour


The Warner Bros Studio in London has been responsible for some of the biggest blockbuster titles in the history of cinema. Their iconic logo can be seen at the start of hundreds of timeless classics and has become a staple in the world of film and television. Locals and visitors to London now have the opportunity to visit the place where some of their favourite movies were shot.

One of the most famous British film franchises of all time was shot at the Warner Bros Studios in London and after ten years of creating movies, it has now become a wonderland of wizarding treasures. If you’re planning your stay at the Piccadilly London West End, you won’t want to miss out on this unique Harry Potter tour experience. Our guide will help you plan your trip and give you an inside look at what to expect on your visit.

The Shard

Breakfast at Hogwarts

As part of the tour you’ll be able to dine in one of the most famous fictional schools in history. Sit at the same table where the famous magical trio hatched plans while feasting on the amazing selection of food that had been conjured up. Walk through the great hall and sit at the huge tables that have been laid out just as they were in the Harry Potter films. Enjoy tasty pastries, a selection of fresh fruit and delicious breakfast canapes before having a morning selfie with the staff who are fully clad in authentic wizarding gear. If you’re still hungry after a long day of touring then The Piccadilly London West End Hotel will have you covered when dinner time comes around.

Wizarding Wardrobe

As part of the tour you’ll get to browse the huge collection of props and costumes from the epic movie series. After ten years of shooting, the guys at Warner Bros Studio have managed to bring together an epic wardrobe of clothing and accessories for you to peruse. Check out the same robes that Daniel Radcliffe wore during his early schooling years, or browse the collection of gorgeous eveningwear that the gang wore to the Yule Ball. With hundreds of different items and props, it’ll be like watching the films again as you conjure up images from your favourite scenes. This part of the tour will also take you behind the scenes as you learn about the process of creating the costumes and designing the extravagant outfits that were featured throughout the films.

Dark Arts

For those who want to experience the darker side of the Harry Potter series and aren’t easily spooked, you can take a trip down a darkened Diagon Alley as you try to avoid being caught by the followers of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. This fun but thrilling experience will give you the chance to explore the dark arts and put your wand skills to the test as you try to battle some of the world’s most dangerous witches and wizards. Don’t worry though because you’ll be safe from their curses once you return to you our West End Hotels, where you can relax after a long day of casting spells and mixing potions.