How Should You Experience London’s West End?


With such a multitude of possibilities in London, it can be challenging to determine what you should do. Here are just a few of possible experiences available: Visit the London Eye and see the city from above, go to a theatre show in London’s West End, visit a museum, enjoy one of the finer restaurants, go on a shopping spree… and so and so forth. It can all seem a little much, especially in a city that’s as busy as London. So how do you build the presence of mind needed to enjoy the city at a pace that you can delight in?

piccadilly circusWe believe the answer lies in settling yourself in a locale that extradites you from having to commute. With a limited amount of time available on holiday, by staying in a place that’s within walking distance and a bus trip away to many of the premiere attractions, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time and inconvenience.

Hotels in West End London are abundant. But the question is – is it worth it to book your accommodation here? After all, hotels outside of this area are comparatively a little less expensive. The answer depends on what you value. If you value convenience and luxury, then one of the accommodations in this area i.e. The Piccadilly London West End will fulfil your needs beautifully.

While it seems natural to fit in as much as you can do on any given day in London, we instead invite you only to plan 3 or 4 attractions for any given day. We also highly recommend the London Pass, which lets you enjoy the best attractions with a single pass. Not only will you skip queues, but you’ll have access to a handy app that gives you indications of what attractions are nearby.

Smartphones have transformed the way we live in our day to day lives, but they’ve also changed the way we travel. We no longer need to depend on maps, and other people, to find ourselves in a new city. So when you’re wondering what you do in London’s West End – its simple; aim to visit 3 or 4 attractions, and use one of the many apps available to guide you along. Experiencing an adventure in London, or any city, in fact, has never been easier to do than now.