Exploring Covent Garden For The Best Sights, Shopping And Entertainment


For many a visitor, Covent Garden is a must-see location for a trip to London. With its variety of shopping, attractions, entertainment and culture, it’s no wonder Covent Garden is such a popular destination, for visitors and tourists alike! So here are a few things know about this thriving location.

Sights and Attractions

The first sight worth seeing, is Covent Garden Piazza itself, with its relaxed atmosphere and constant eclectic entertainment, it’s the perfect place to start off with on your tour of Covent Garden.

If you’d like to explore some of the history of Covent Garden, take a trip to St Martin-in-the-Fields, an archaically beautifully church overlooking Trafalgar Square. This church not only holds religious ceremonies, but is also a great place find music, with their candle lit concerts that take place from Thursday to Saturday, and the jazz concerts that take place in Cafe in the Crypt, a Cafe located beneath the church.

Step outside the church and make your way to the famous Trafalgar Square, where you’ll be spoilt with sights of iconic monuments, such as the well known stone lions, Nelson’s Column, and The Fourth Plinth, a controversial feature of modern art set in the historical backdrop of Trafalgar Square.

Galleries and Museums

If you would like to explore the extensive culture on offer, take a trip to The National Gallery and explore the finest European art. The National Portrait Gallery celebrates the medium of portraiture; the gallery invites you to view the plethora of faces and personalities that have been painted from the past to present day. If you still haven’t had your daily dose of art, head to The Courtauld Institute of Art, situated in Somerset House; with 530 paintings, 7000 drawings and 15,000 prints to see, this gallery is a real cultural treat. Once you’ve explored all the art you can, take a trip to the London Transport Museum, where you can look back over 200 years of London’s public transport and see how the systems have changed over time.


Covent Garden is an ideal shopping location, for anyone wanting to treat themselves, there’s a large selection of clothes shops ranging from vintage to designer, the best in makeup and a few niche shops, such as Stanfords, for all things travel related. If you’re into all things cheesy, take a trip to Neal’s Yard Dairy, for the finest quality cheese. There are also three markets on offer in Covent Garden, selling an eclectic variety of gifts and treats.


As mentioned earlier, if you’d like to spot a bit of free entertainment in between shopping, there are always fantastic street performers treating passer-bys to some high quality entertainment. If you’d like to make a night of it, book a show at The Royal Opera House for an unforgettable experience.