Exploring the London area of West End


Bustling streets, fantastic shopping destinations, high-class restaurants, luxury hotels, bars in abundance – West End is is where you’ll find the hive of action that’s synonymous with London.

This buzzing part of the city welcome more than 15 million tourists every year, and also home to 40 of the capital’s longest standing and most loved theatres in the city. The West End is commonly referred to as TheatreLand, and like Broadway in New York, it’s a busy place that also boasts a series of cafes, restaurants, and bars.

Some of us have experienced staying at an underwhelming hotel during our travels, and it’s fair to say that it dampens a holiday like nothing else could. Differently, The Piccadilly London West End Hotel found near the West End and expresses everything a visitor to London could want from a luxurious hotel stay. From dazzling rooms to friendly staff, an indoor spa, and more – you can set your holiday right by staying here.

A hotel is in a sense, the very foundation from which we build our holidays on. If the hotel isn’t right, then most likely, no matter the city, our holiday experience will be compromised. That’s why we invite you to pick from one of the high tier hotels near Piccadilly Circus.

Not only are they well reviewed, and critically acclaimed, but they also provide you with the incredible convenience of being close to London’s West End.

As mentioned, the West End is synonymous with the best of the city. So while we do encourage you to explore as many different areas as possible during your time here i.e. Shoreditch, Chelsea, and Knightsbridge – your stay will be that much better if you remain in the place where you’re guaranteed not to run out of things to do and explore.

So book your stay this season at the London West End, and experience an adventure in London for everything it can be. Discount deals and package offerings are available during certain periods of the year.

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