Fabulous London shopping areas you shouldn’t miss


More than any other cities in the world, London happens to be one of the most undoubtedly exquisite holiday destinations to go out on a trip. This is surely the rightful place to explore and enjoy during your vacation. It is incredibly a tough decision to sum up all the travel attractions as a tourist. It is not only the capital of England but also takes pride in being one of the most diverse cities in the whole wide world. When in London you must make sure to explore every bit of the city’s eccentricity that it proudly offers to each one of its vacationers who comes over from different parts across the globe. This city is packed with some amazing cultural hotspots that are aimed at sprucing up your vacation in such a way so that you get to explore and enjoy every bit of the holiday in a blissful manner. There are thousands of travel worthy attractions that are aimed at enriching the spirit of your vacation in a way that will entice your holiday desires in a magnificent manner. London is a great city for every first time traveler who is planning to explore more of Europe. Apart from checking out all the blissful tourist attractions in the capital city of England, you must also make it a point to spend some considerable amount of time in hitting out at the shipping streets. London is also famous for being home to some exquisite array of fashionable brands. This fashion capital is definitely worth a visit especially when you have interest in checking out the blissful shopping streets. The streets in London are filed with some amazing brands that will enlighten your wardrobe in a wondrous manner. When you are planning to travel to a city as big as London, it is important that you ensure not to be missing out on something as exquisite as the fashion exquisiteness in the capital. The shopping environment happens to be one pf the best bits in London and planning way ahead of time will help you to make it to the topmost shopping areas in the city.

London Shopping

Some of the mostly explored shopping areas in London have been mentioned below. You can surely consider checking them out in order to ensure a happening journey ahead.

The West End:

It is not only famous for being home to the theatrical district in London. You would be surprised to come across a plethora of exclusive shopping streets that will further help you fulfill all your desires in a blissful manner.

  • Oxford Street: It is the main shopping attraction of the West End. You can start your shopping spree at the Marble Arch which is located towards the end of West End. Visit this area for coming across an enormous branch of the budget friendly shopping chain that is popular in the name of Primark and Selfridges. There are large numbers of shops which you can notice while walking toward the Tottenham Court Road. Visit Topshop which is a must visit place in the Oxford Street. For getting good bargains on great clothing lines, you must consider paying a visit to the giant New Look which is located very close to Marble Arch.
  • The affluent Marylebone is also located close to the Oxford Street and this is the place where you will fall in love with the quaintness of Marylebone’s main street. Every part of this street including the interiors brands and chocolate shops tend to ooze a distinct charm and luxury.
  • Regent Street: It crosses Oxford Street right at the Oxford Circus. It was typified by a large number of luxurious as well as affordable chains of shops such as French Connection and Mango. You should head towards the southern end to check out the world famous Liberty departmental store.
  • Bond Street: It connects Piccadilly with the Oxford Street and is popular for its rag trade. This area mainly comprises of the Old Bond Street and New Bond Street. Several international brands and jewelery shops are located over here. You can stop over to check out a slew of international hotshots ranging from Versace to Chanel. The famous Dover Street Market is actually a large designer shop that is eminent at housing some amazing sorts of fashionable folks that are displayed all under one roof.
  • Soho:You can enjoy clothing exchange over here and make sure to visit
  • Covent Garden which happens to be a shopping masterpiece that is well stocked with fashion, food, books and everything spectacular. The original Convent Garden marketplace has gradually extended its boundaries and at present covers the surrounding of the neighborhood. It is really fun to shop in the narrow streets of London. By means of putting up at one of the West End hotels London, it will get easier for you to explore the West End theater district quite easily.

West London:

Those who ate planning to head towards the western corner of the city must consider checking out the following popular shopping areas. Visit Notting Hill which is located in this part of the city as this is where you will find a large number of luxury shops that are worth checking out.

  • Portobello Market: Every Sunday, this marketplace gets transformed into a sea of  antiques, clothing and everything else that are worth purchasing.
  • Whiteleys: It is located in Bayswater and Westfield takes up the residence area in Shepherd’s Bush.

Southwest London:

It is home to Harrods and is quite a popular place to visit during your upcoming vacation.

  • Knightsbridge: It happens to be the second most famous London retail district.
  • Sloane Street: It has been traditionally regarded as the most effluent designer area.

These are some of the most happening shopping areas in London that you may choose to visit during your upcoming London vacation and you will definitely love every single bit of it.