Four fantastic reasons to visit London


The list of reasons why you might want to visit London isendless. A captivating, ceaselessly moving and extraordinarily versatile metropolis, it’s rightly sky-high on many people’s travel-bucket lists wherever they might hail from. Significantly cultural, amazingly historical and extremely trend-setting, the UK capital is in many ways the ultimate destination. Here are just five reasons why you should give it a try…

Terrific for tourists
If you take the bother to put together an itinerary, you’ll discover you’ll need several days to get close to ticking off everything on it – literally. London is overfilling with attractions for visitors of all kinds, especially families. It’s a total tourist trap. The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London; they’re all here – and those are just the major sites that obviously spring to mind. Quite simply, no matter what your tastes are, you’ll find something to tickle your travel fancy in London. And, on the way to one attraction you’ve marked off as a must-see, you’re bound to come across another that’s just as interesting and worthwhile. For instance, it’s highly likely that on your way to Oxford Street, you might well discover the best boutique or the most atmospheric urban pub you’ve ever dropped into.

Moreover, specifically for families (read: the kids), London’s undoubtedly a magical place. Near the effortlessly elegant Serpentine Gallery in the paradisiacal Hyde Park, you’ll discover the statue of Peter Pan, whose creator J. M. Barrie paid to have erected overnight and in total secrecy, so that it actually seemed to appear on the spot magically. Yes, really. And, of course, more than anywhere else, London can claim to be the home of Harry Potter, with both the books and movies being strongly set in the city. Children adore visiting King’s Cross railway station to find Platform 9 ¾ (a plaque marks its ‘location’) and can imagine they’re entering Diagon Alley down any of the many cobbled side-streets in the West End and the City of London.

Naturally cultural
Like it is for J. K. Rowling’s irresistible hero, the UK capital could also said to be home for all things Shakespearean (vying with Stratford-upon-Avon in the Midlands for that honour, at least), with at least two theatres dedicated to staging the Bard’s plays – and many others perpetually mounting productions of his works. Also, there’s the rest of the West End’s world renowned ‘Theatreland’ to experience, of course, as well as the numerous globally recognised museums and art galleries, which are easily among the greatest on the planet.In short, London is simply a world capital when it comes to culture.

To that end, there are countless hotels, luxury boutiques, hostels, and bed and breakfasts throughout the city, but to be in the middle of it all, your best bet is to find a deal at one of the many West End hotels London.

Ethnically diverse
Fair dos, artistic and theatrical culture is all very well, but what about something more immediate; more urgent; more, well, in-your-face cosmopolitan?Don’t doubt it, the capital delivers on his front too. In fact, it does so in spades because it’s an absolute ethnic melting pot – another of the many reasons to visit London. Within the city alone (let alone the rest of the UK), there are 300 languages spoken every day; listen out for Italian in the Soho coffee shops, watch Real Madrid and Barcelona play on widescreens in bars with die-hard Spanish football fans and mix with the Brazilian DJs and dancers when a corner of Hyde Park is transformed into a little corner of Rio on occasional Sundays. Furthermore, the area around Brick Lane in the East End has become rich in Indian and Pakistani culture and cuisine over recent decades and Brixton offers lavish laid-back Jamaican vibes.

And to top it off, believe it or not, London is apparently the sixth largest French city in the world. It’s genuinely home to more French people than wither Strasbourg or Bordeaux. So if you fancy some fine French dining then Britain’s capital city is to place to come to.

Fabulous food
Don’t believe the bad rep it’s had for so many years, British food itself is making a serious comeback – and it’s London that’s leading the way; so much so, in recent years it’s become a foodie’s heaven.Rejuvenated authentic British cuisine is now going great guns, with pubs and five-star restaurants throughout the city giving appetizing simple twists and gourmet takes on the likes of fish and chips and bubble and squeak, as well as signature Brit puddings, such as Eton mess and the unique and delicious treat that’s trifle.

Delicious Food

However, as noted above, owing to London’s incredible ethnic blend, its cuisine is best described as international rather than just British, made up as it is nowadays by as many global dishes as it is by UK-centric ones. So head out to enjoy a sumptuous curry or a dive into the London hustle and bustle for a delicious North African dish – you’ll find there’s always a restaurant, café or food truck that perfectly fits your taste buds’ desires.