What better way to experience the great outdoors while staying in a thriving metropolis than to head out of the city and visit a farm to indulge yourself in a uniquely outdoorsy fun pursuit? The rapid growth of ‘pick your own’ farms in the UK shows just how much we increasingly like to be connected to the food we eat and see it come from its natural source instead of a shop shelf. Thankfully, London has many venues across the city where you can get very hands on with choosing your own healthy produce! This traditional pastime has a very rustic feel and makes a great, traditional day out for visitors of all ages.

Crockford Bridge Farm

Combining a farm shop, a café, beehive, a vast adventure playground for the younger visitors and over 75 acres of sprawling pick-your-own fields, Crockford really has it all covered! July is a particularly great time of the year to take advantage of the glut of carrots, courgettes and strawberries on offer and the relaxed, knowledgeable staff will happily help you or your group make the most of your visit.

Hewitts Farm

Following the delightful footpath past a local golf course to the 78 acre Hewitts Farm is an experience in itself – all the better that when you do arrive at your destination you will find an abundance of berries, spinach and beans throughout July, complete with a handy well-stocked farm shop on site too. Alongside the other farms on this list, Hewitts Farm is situated within decent commutable distance of London city so you can get there from one of the Luxury hotels in London West End!

 Stanhill Farm

A traditional working farm specialising in vegetable box delivery service, this busy farm and shop keeps it simple – just ring ahead to find out from the farm staff what is going to be available that day or week. Stanhill Farm opens up some of its choice of vast fields for those keen to be pickers, depending of course on the availability of individual crops, so there is always something new to discover on each visit.

Parkside Farm

A pick-your-own farm which takes the craft seriously, Parkside Farm is set aside almost exclusively for pickers, and has won a wide variety of awards as a result! With ample parking facilities and a farm shop on site selling some fantastic accompaniments to your freshly-handpicked produce – such as fresh cream, chocolate sauce, meringues and ice creams – this really is the crème de la crème of pick-your-own farming. This July is set to see ample amounts of fruits and vegetables available to pick including strawberries, blackcurrants, spinach and broad beans.