Gridiron greatness: where to try out American football in London


Summer’s upon us for another year but it may be that your overseas holiday this year falls in the autumn. And, if it does and the venue for your vacation’s going to be the UK capital (perhaps staying at The Piccadilly London West End), you might be up for doing something a little different while you’re here – there’s always something a little different to do in London! Well, what with the autumn sports seasons kicking-off at the same time as you’re in the city, it may just be kismet to try your hand at one of the fastest growing sports in the capital and, indeed, the wider UK – American football. But where, exactly…?


London Blitz

(Finsbury Park Stadium, Endymion Road N4 2NQ)

For a practice session – if not to participate, but certainly watch – with one of the UK’s American football sides with a properly proud history, head North London-wards to the Finsbury Park-based London Blitz. Over the years, some of its players have been internationally capped, some have appeared on the British TV version of Gladiators – and, yes, some, have even played in the promised land itself, the U. S. of A.

London Olympians

(East London Rugby Club, 71 Holland Road E15 3BP)

Fair dos, the London Olympians don’t exactly play their matches at the iconic home of the 2012 London Olympics (they merely used the Olympic cache of a few summers back, in reference to their East London-location, to come up with an attractive name). Yet, the Plaistow-based team is successful – and then some. So much so, it currently can claim to have won the most titles of any British team playing American football. Is it likely you’ll get to play for them then? Yes, honestly, probably not – but, should you be spoiling yourself with a stay at the luxury hotels in London West End, why not pop along and give one of their games a watch instead?

Wembley Stallions

(London Post Office Sports & Social Association, 136 Greenford Road HA1 3QL)

Granted, despite its name, this team doesn’t play at the home of English soccer either (nor at the ground of the oldest football club in London), but this 2013-formed team does possess real ambitions and an agreeably inclusive attitude to engage all comers in ‘safe, fun competitive American football to anyone desiring to play’; specifically, for those who fit its men’s, women’s, under 19, under 17 and under 14 categories.

Go Mammoth Flag Football

(Burlington Danes Academy, Wood Lane, W12 0HR)

Finally, an ideal option for those after a more casual American football experience (you can just rock up on the morning) and should you be staying in one of the hotels in West End London England, this Central/ West London-located venue is where the Go Mammoth flag football leagues hold their matches. Popular as the games are spread across mixed leagues of all levels. Should you give it a go you’ll also discover the post-match bar deals are something of a touchdown in themselves!