The Importance Of Switching Off From The World


We live in chaotic and stressful times these days, spending long hours at work, fulfilling domestic duties, or generally just trying to get by. We rarely get the opportunity to switch off completely, to think of ourselves as deserving of luxuries. Many of us would love to escape to another world, some of us do, and most us of never really get the chance. Escaping to another world means shutting out external stimuli, perhaps turning off our phones, the TV and doing something which doesn’t agitate our brains- instead soothing it.  This critical need to get away, even its just for a few hours, is becoming an increasing reality. So what do you do? Where do you go?

This is where a day at the spa can be a much needed blessing, a place which enables you to indulge in some ‘me’ time, to completely switch off and relax, recharge, contemplate, detox and beautify. The invigorating powers of touch therapy have been talked about and illustrated since ancient times. Spas and touch therapies are at their core, connected. The touch of skilled therapists’ hands on the human body can heal, transform and soothe the mind and body. There are few bits of great news here. Firstly, we can all experience a little bit of heaven at least once. Secondly, there is a place where you can receive all these delightful benefits and more- and not only is it a feasible option- it’s the right option.

Exceptional Treatments

The Piccadilly London West End Hotel just keeps on giving when it comes to their guests and the spa and wellness packages on offer are testament to that very fact! As you leave the buzzing energy of the city streets and enter the wellness centre you will find you are welcomed, relaxed and ready to be looked after. And that’s before anything has even begun!

This hotel has a fabulous wellness centre and is a holistic shelter for weary travellers looking for a well-deserved rest and pampering. With three treatments rooms, a steam room, a sauna, Jacuzzi and a state of the art fitness centre, this is a place where sophistication meets relaxation. This hotel has and is capable of providing the perfect platform where all your pampering dreams will come true.

In the Beauty and Melody Spa at the hotel an expert team of spa therapists offer the finest massage, facials, waxing, and nail and body treatments all performed in a beautiful ocean themed spa environment. You’ll notice fantastic results with the anti-ageing facials which hydrate and purify and rebalance the body’s vital properties for health and wellbeing. Within the spa centre there is a section which home the Capsule Rituals which are like little slices of heaven and perfect whether you go for one ritual or multiple, for a superlative experience. The Thalgo Discovery Facial is perfect if you’re constantly on the go for an immediate infusion of marine active ingredients, tailored especially for your skin type.  Experiencing this kind of pick-me-up will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed with skin that glows from the inside out. If it’s your body that needs a helping hand, you could try the Polynesian Body Scrub in which you’ll be exfoliated with a gentle vanilla scented body scrub with pure white sand, sea salt,  coconut-shell and algo-monoi which will leave your skin feeling ultra-smooth and soft.

Massages are an important part of any spa experience and are chosen for their ability to alleviate tight muscles and leave your body supple. The spa has two full body massage treatments which aim to aid in relaxation and ease tension. The Swedish Massage is perfect if you really want to indulge as it relaxes the entire body. It can help to improve blood circulation, help the body to remove toxins, and improve flexibility. Then there is the Deep Tissue Massage which targets the deepest layers of muscles and tissue and is especially useful for tense areas. This therapeutic massage is designed to get rid of deep, painful knots in the muscles, and restore muscles elasticity. Imagine how rejuvenated and wonderful you’ll feel after an experience like this!

Now is the time to switch off, in a world that demands too much, and from the tensions that over time build in up our entire bodies. The spa treatments at The Piccadilly London West End hotel are designed to help, and to take some of that pain away. While you’re here check out some of the treatments available at .