As a place with plenty to see and do, London provides some amazing options for the Instagram-addicted visitor. Its backdrops are second to none – and few could pass up the chance of a selfie with the majestic silhouette of London Bridge in the background, or the possibility of a picture in front of Buckingham Palace, taking a coffee in Covent Garden or searching through the treasures and trinkets of Portobello or Camden markets.

shutterstock_85725184If you’re looking for the perfect scenes for your own pictures, here are some of the top spaces to get some shots which will work wonders for your Instagram following.

Tower Bridge

One of London’s top landmarks is also a popular muse for photographers. London’s most famous suspension bridge was built between 1886-1894, making it a masterpiece of Victorian architecture and engineering. Great views can be obtained from a distance or from a low angle close to the structure itself.

The Churchill Arms

A pub with a distinctive (and wildly patriotic) exterior, The Churchill Arms is a self-described haven for British eccentricity. The exterior is by turns covered with plants and Winston Churchill memorabilia, and the interior follows a similar ‘more is more’ design principle which will be sure to entrance your audience. A selfie and a few interiors shots are an absolute must and a fun way to brighten up your feed when your trip is over.

Piccadilly Circus

The bright lights of Piccadilly Circus are an instantly recognisable way of letting your Instagram followers know you’ve reached London – and it’s only a stone’s throw away from our luxury hotels in London West End.

Houses of Parliament

The seat of the UK government is also one of the grandest buildings in all of London. The former Palace of Westminster has been the site of countless governments and seen more British history made and rebuilt than many other areas in the country combined. It looks particularly great viewed from Westminster Bridge or the surrounding area.

British Museum

A site of genuine architectural wonder, every corner of the British Museum brings something new to photograph – particularly the dazzling Great Court, originally designated as a garden and ultimately lost until 1997 when the space was re-opened to the public following a design competition.

Primrose Hill

One of the most beautiful Royal Parks, Regent’s Park’s well-known scenic spot Primrose Hill provides stunning views of London and amble photographic opportunities. Separated from Regent’s Park by London Zoo, this area also lends itself to gentle strolls, where you are apt to find even more amazing scenes to add to your Instagram feed.

Sky Garden

The Sky Garden is a truly spectacular way to see London – and a unique way of showing London to the world via Instagram. 155 metres above ground level, whether by day or night, the views are incredible. Whether dining at the delightful Fenchurch Restaurant or simply taking in the sights, there’s lots to share with your followers.