Introduce Your Kids to Real-Life Skills at Kidzania London


Located in Westfield London Shopping Centre, Kidzania is an immensely popular concept that has taken roots in nearly two dozen countries across the globe. It is designed to teach visiting kids important life skills by allowing them to indulge in real-life role play activities and career paths. The kids are offered some Kidzania currency as they enter and they can earn more by working, which gives them a thrill. They can then spend this money on fun or rewards as they like and they can even use their balance money for a return visit. This experience is similar to a real-life version of ‘The Sims”.

kids in londonThe various attractions at the venue that they can visit include the Fire and Rescue Unit, the Aviation Academy, the Recycling Centre, the Supermarket and Fruit and Nut Bar Makery that enable kids with different tastes and aspirations to get suitable avenues of activities. One-way glass is provided at the door so that parents or accompanying adults can spy on what is going on inside. They can either watch the kids’ activities or they can relax in the waiting room where a selection of films and entertainment is available. Kids in the age group 4 – 14 can participate in the activities at Kidzania. Birthday parties can also be organised by hiring the venue. The slogan of Kidzania, a Mexican ‘educational play” company for teaching children “real-life skills”  is “Get Ready for a Better World”.

If you are visiting London with your kids and would like them to get this exciting experience, it would be best to stay in a hotel near Kidzania, and the most ideal choice would be to stay at The Piccadilly London West End hotel, which is 6 miles (20 minutes) from Kidzania via A40.

Small indoor cities have been created at the venue in which children play alone indulging in adult jobs such as working in factories, learning to fly aeroplanes with the help of real flight simulators or acting as reporters for the city’s newspapers. The concept of Kidzania is designed to reflect the future of educational play as kids get an opportunity to act out their adult fantasies in a safe and secure environment.

If you take a peep into the various units at Kidzania you will be amazed at the way kids are emulating adults in their jobs. At the dentist’s office, you can see children hovering over a life-sized dummy and planning the extraction of a tooth. You will wonder whether such an experience will help the kids develop a better sense of oral hygiene. At the baby hospital, you will see your daughter working as a doctor in a nursery taking care of the newborns. This activity will enable her to earn 8 kidzos, which is the Kidzania currency that she can use for anything that she likes such as getting a tattoo at the tattoo parlour. You may also find her delivering a newborn by lifting a baby doll and swaddling it, carefully holding its head.