Learn the languages of London


When you step into London you’re stepping into a vivid world of culture and history. What makes the city so amazing is its cultural diversity and vibrant community which is made up of people from all corners of the world. Millions of people visit London every year, each bringing with them something different but each in search of the same amazing feeling of exploring one of the greatest cities on the planet.

On any given day in our hotels in West End London UK, we get hundreds of guests staying with us from areas all over the world and we love the mixture of cultures they bring with them. There are so many areas of London that are rich in culture and offer a chance to experience new languages and new tastes. We’ve put together this list of places for you to explore that will help you learn more about the different cultures of London and maybe learn a new language.

shutterstock_618049478International House

If you’re looking to learn a new language there’s no better place than the International House on Stukeley Street. The specialist organisation can be found just a short trip from the Piccadilly London West End, which is great news for our guests as they won’t have far to travel. For years the institution has offered all kinds of course and lectures, including languages classes. Whether you want to perfect your French or learn the art of Mandarin, the expert teachers will have you speaking fluently in no time. The great thing is that the classes are flexible which means you can learn the language skills you need no matter how experienced you are.


The vibrant area of Chinatown is one of the most popular spots in all of London thanks to its amazing selection of traditional shops and eateries. It can be found in central London, just down the road from the Piccadilly London West End Stroll through the streets and take in the rich culture of China as you watch the preparation of traditional food and listen to the different dialects. It’s amazing just how much you can pick up simply by walking around and listening to the locals. Take a seat at one of the traditional eateries and put your language skills to the test by trying to order in Chinese.

The Tube

The Underground system in London is responsible for carting millions of people around the city every day. Travellers, tourists, locals and commuters all use the famous subway system to navigate the busy city above. Take a ride on the Tube and you’re bound to hear all sorts of different languages and dialects from around the world. Try engaging in conversation with a friendly face and practice your verbal skills with a local Londoner. There are over 100 different languages spoken in the city every day so you won’t struggle to find someone to learn from or chat with. There’s a handy map of the Tube system that highlights where different languages are most common around London.