A London photo diary


Say cheese! There are thousands of interesting and unique photo spots around London that are just waiting to be snapped. If you’re the type of person that loves beautiful scenery and enjoys taking photos, London is the perfect place to create memories you’ll never forget by putting together a holiday photo diary.

A photographic journey around the city is the best way to document your stay at the Piccadilly Hotel London. There’s so much to see in and around the historic boroughs and there’s no better way to share your experience with your friends and family than a photo journal. We’ve put together some of our favourite city photo spots so you can snap some amazing shots.

Millenium Bridge shutterstock_571676122

This is London’s most modern bridge and offers budding photographers a chance to capture a more contemporary side to the city. Designed by a world renowned architect,  the metallic walkway is a work of art and has become one of the most iconic spots in London thanks to films such as Harry Potter, which featured the gorgeous bridge in one of the film series’ most memorable scenes.

Tower Bridge

If you prefer your bridges older and full of history, just around the corner from the Piccadilly Hotel London you’ll find one of the city’s most famous landmarks. Tower Bridge stands tall above the waters of the Thames and offers one of the most striking pieces of imagery in the city for photographers. Be sure to take advantage of our London west end hotel deals so you can snap a shot of this beautiful piece of architecture.

The Seven Noses of Soho

Many years ago the renowned artist and social commentator, Rick Buckley generated a lot of buzz with his series of nose sculptures that are dotted around the walls and side streets of Soho. The plaster cast noses were initially placed underneath CCTV cameras in opposition to increasing government legislation regarding mass surveillance. If you take a stroll around the area you can find them hidden on walls. This makes for a fun photographic treasure hunt if you’re looking for something a little different.

Number 10 Adam Street

If you don’t manage to get close enough to the Prime Minister’s house during your trip to London, you can fake it on Adam Street. The iconic house is usually blocked off and surrounded by security, which makes snapping a photo very difficult. There’s a house on Adam Street which holds a striking resemblance to number 10 Downing Street however. That means you can snap a quick picture and tell your friends you hung out at the PM’s house.

Chislehurst Caves

Caves, in the middle of London? It may seem unlikely but these natural tunnels sit underneath the heart of the city and provide photographers with a unique opportunity. Not only are there plenty of photo opportunities in the cave system, there’s a lot of history behind them. Huge artists such as The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin have played to crowds inside the echoing walls of Chislehurst Caves.