London Tips for Solo Travelers

Solo Traveler

Whether you’re on a gap year or are visiting for business, London is definitely your best friend when it comes to solo travel.

With over 1000 square miles of boroughs to explore, a diverse, electric playground of entertainment and activity and some of the most affordable (yet luxurious!) accommodation and restaurants in London (and all of the UK!), this city is well-worth a solo visit.

Some may turn their nose up at solo travelling, but not us!  The city is safe and incredibly accommodating to the singular sightseer, especially when staying in the flexible rooms of the Piccadilly London West End.

Why travel alone in London?

History of the London Eye

If you ask anyone who’s taken a solo trip to London, they’ll tell you that it’s one of the best decisions they’ve made and can lead to a more tailored and personalised experience. Traveling alone allows you to make last-minute decisions, like purchasing a last-minute spa package in London or spending an afternoon alone in the park.

Want some more inspiration? Below are some of our top tips for solo travelling in the city.

Oyster travel cards

Because you never know where – and when! – you’ll end up.

Making sure you have an Oyster card will get you through the day or week with no-fuss on trains and busses. Machines – located at all tubes stations – are intuitive and ‘tapping on’ is a piece of cake. You can also (potentially) save money by purchasing a weekly or daily travel card.

This is an especially great value if you own a railcard, as you’ll be entitled to up to a third off the listed price!

Hang out where the Londoners hang out

Looking to meet some new people? Try the bar at the Piccadilly West End, where you can indulge in high-class cocktails or Indian Afternoon Tea menus.

Whilst you can certainly chat with fellow travellers here, the best way to get a taste of the true London lifestyle is to meet locals in the many boroughs of the city. Try out entertainment venues or bars in areas like Hackney, Brixton and Peckham for a truly authentic experience.

Whether old or young, getting out of the city centre will help you scratch under the touristic surface of the city. Happy exploring!

Pack for temperamental temperatures

Even if visiting in the height of the summer, make sure to pack a jumper and a raincoat because the weather in London can turn in the blink of an eye.

 Moreover, make sure you have a plan B, especially if you don’t want to be caught listless in the middle of Hyde Park when a thunderstorm rocks up. Thankfully, many outdoor spaces are located nearby major attractions, giving visitors refuge in case of a downpour.

If you’re visiting the aforementioned Hyde Park, for instance, you can escape the rain at the nearby Serpentine contemporary art gallery. Or…there’s always the option to duck into one of the many pubs you’ll find skirting the exterior of Victoria Park.

Get around on a bike

This one is – of course – weather-dependent and subject to your accessibility needs, but using a bike to get around the city can be incredibly freeing and can save you a lot of money on public transport.

With cheap pay-as-you-go prices for single Santander Cycle rentals and an entire cycling superhighway through the city, you’ll find it to be one of the most fun and easy-to-use transport solutions in London.