Have a London Zoo experience worth remembering


The London Zoo is one of the few animal experiences in the city. With London’s urban landscape, it’s a wonder that such a place even exists. With nearly a thousand different species of animals, it’s a treasure waiting to be discovered. Often, many tourists tend to forget about the zoo, and instead focus more on the premiere attractions such as: Madame Tussauds, London Eye, and Big Ben. But, whether you’re planning to visit the capital for business or leisure – taking a weekend to spend in the Zoo will open up your eyes and reawaken your spirit.

What you can do there
Besides seeing animals such as Gorillas, snakes, and roaring Lions, you’ll also find that the venue has a ton of activities on offer. There’s the Tigers Live show, the Penguin Beach Live show, and the Deadly Birds live show. The latter is a show that enthrals in you a spectacle of predator and prey; where scavenging birds display their prowess and uncanny ability to find and catch food. It’s worth noting that the London Zoo closes at 5:30pm on most days. So ideally, you’ll want to visit as early as possible. The staff are genuinely helpful, and if you’re London you’re going to visit Regents Park anyway, so it’s a natural idea to also visit the neighbouring London Zoo.

Besides that, this summer, the London Zoo will be hosting a Sunset Safari event. It’s being promoted as the only safari in London, and it’ll run every Friday from the 5th June until the 17th July – from 6-10PM. You can choose to take self-guided Safari trails and delve into the magic of the animal kingdom. As the sun sets, you’ll be able to relax at the Safari Base Camp and enjoy delightful food from the World Food Market.In 2016, the Land of the Lions will open in spring 2016. It’ll provide facilities for a breeding group of Asiatic Lions; with only 400 remaining in the wild. In essence the London Zoo is not only committed to providing a delightful experience for its visitors, but is also environmentally conscious. And plus, with the hotels near Piccadilly theatre you can book an accommodation at a luxurious nearby accommodation to enjoy everything the London Zoo and the neighbouring area has to offer.

Nearby areas worth visiting
There are great things to do around London Zoo, and they include Regents Park. There, you can take a boat trip on the pristine lake, enjoy a game of cricket or football, andenjoy a delicious ice cream as you lie on the grass. And just nearby the London Zoo, you’ll find Primrose Hill – which offers a rapturous view of London’s skyline. In terms of tourist’s attractions, you’ll find the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the Beatles shop – just next to Baker Street station. From there you can take the train, and land in Oxford Circus – with the shopping platform of dreams all around you.

In conclusion, in modern life – the reality that thousands of species inhabit the earth escapes our minds. Besides pets such as our dogs or cats – we likely don’t come into contact with many animals. That’s a shame, because these majestic creatures represent a vital part of the natural world. By visiting the London Zoo, you’ll be reconnecting with this missing part of our lives. Plus, with all the events that tend to go on these days at the venue – you’re bound to have a London Zoo experience worth remembering. In short, the zoo isn’t just for kids; it allows all of us to reconnect with the animal kingdom.