London’s hidden gems


London has a lot more to offer than its most well-known of famous attractions and big, iconic landmarks. The amazing city has provided a platform for thousands of smaller ventures, from indie clubs to alternative art houses. The spirit of London lays in the bustling back streets, where a number of cultural gems can be found tucked away and just waiting to be discovered.

At the Piccadilly London West End, we love the sense of community in London and the wonderful smaller attractions that have been able to flourish thanks to the city’s progressive culture. Why not check out our West End hotels special offers and join us in the world’s most exciting city? If you’re looking to see an alternative side to London and avoid the cliché tourist traps, our guide will point you in the direction of some hidden gems that are sure to make for a very memorable trip.

Camden Passage

Upper Street, London

This quaint little area is one of the many secret spots of London that often gets overlooked. Hidden behind Upper Street, Camden Passage is full of gorgeous little eateries, vintage fashion outlets and quirky boutiques. Places like this often get overshadowed by famous areas like Oxford Street but if you’re planning a trip to the Piccadilly London West End, Camden Passage is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy a quieter shopping experience at the quaint retail outlets and enjoy some authentic food at one of the gorgeous cafés.

Thames Path


There’s no way you can visit London and not take a trip to the city’s famous waterway, whether it’s for a picture or just to get across to the other side. There’s plenty of fun and interesting things to find along the banks of the River Thames and many of them often go unnoticed. The obvious attraction such as Big Ben and London Eye can be seen from the edge of the river but if you want a truly unique experience, take a stroll down the Thames Path. Or better yet, hire a bike and cruise along the 40-mile long path to uncover places such as Charles Dickens’ favourite pub.

Wilton’s Music Hall

Graces Alley, London

Some of the best music in London comes from the many undiscovered bands and acts that make up the city’s underground music scene. After a big refurbishment project, this beautiful Victorian music hall has become a hotspot for hipsters and music enthusiasts. If you’re looking for an alternative to the pop acts and mainstream artists found at the big famous venues, check out the latest events and book tickets to see some of London’s best upcoming performers.

Dennis Severs’ House

Folgate Street, London

For those who have heard of this quirky artist, this is a must-see attraction if you want to get an inside look at his artistic process. For those who are not familiar with Severs’ work, this is a perfect opportunity to see the type of art that London is famous for. Browse the preserved workshop and see some of the wild and wonderful creations by one of the country’s most beloved artists.