What to look for in hotel meeting spaces


There are a lot of different factors to consider when organising a meeting; location, refreshments, correct documents sent to correct people, constantly re-coordinating times with everyone involved… Each and every one of these factors is complicated and needs to be considered with great care and with an eye to detail to ensure your meeting runs efficiently and smoothly.

One of the most important aspects to your meeting is the venue it’s held at. It’s crucial that the space you choose is able to accommodate all your meeting’s needs.


Here is a quick guide what to look for in an appropriate hotel meeting space in London.


You need somewhere easy to get to. Somewhere close to a tube or train station would be suitable. Is your meeting room in the centre of town way out in the outskirts? You don’t want your attendees to get lost or irritated about the amount of travel involved to get to your venue.


Your meeting space should be fully equipped to ensure your meeting runs as efficiently as possible. Make sure the room has high-speed Wi-Fi, especially if you planning to do a web conference, and other methods of technological support.

Other meeting equipment, such as stationary and water bottles, should also be provided in your meeting space.

On-call help from hotel

Having hotel staff on-call at all times means that if there are any issues with your meeting space, they can be rectified as quickly as possible.


You need to make sure your venue accommodates the number of attendees with ease. Also, choosing a space with a refined, sophisticated décor is a certified plus as it will relax and ‘wow’ your delegates.

Where to find the perfect hotel meeting space

The Montcalm Hotel is host to multiple meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes. The Montcalm Hotel has the ability to accommodate any of your business needs, providing rooms with sleek designs and up to date technological support alongside all other essential business facilities you may require. Our rooms are intimate and spacious with easy access to our eager to help hotel staff.

Located in Marble Arch, The Montcalm Hotel is also incredibly easy to get to and in a lively, exciting district of London that attendees can explore and enjoy after the meeting.