The magic behind West End Theatres


Whether you’re a diehard fan of theatre, or the art form is unbeknown to you, West End’s Theatres are worth discovering. In this post, we’ll explore what makes these venues in London so special, and what kind of shows play are playing this year in 2015. We’ll also dive deep into the history behind famous venues such as the Victoria Apollo, the Aldwych theatre,and the Criterion theatre. Millions of tourists every year flock to the West to catch shows such as: The Phantom of the Opera, Macbeth, the Billy Elliot Music, and Lion King. Let’s find out why…

The history behind West End Theatres
West End, for the last three centuries has cemented itself as the premiere spot for theatre shows. And many of the most famous shows have been running for years on end. Less Miserables for instance, after 12,105 performances and counting, has been running since 1985. The Phantom of the Opera which opened on the 9th October 1986has had over 11,272 performances. Such numbers wouldn’t be attainable if people didn’t find something intrinsically valuable about these shows. Whereas many movies lose their lust after a couple years, theatre shows with the same story lines, albeit with a few refinements, have remained timeless.

Hotels near London west end theatres can be found in abundance. If you’re travelling to the capital for a trip, your time will be better used if you’re nestled in the heart of the action. With an extensive public transport network, sure you can do fine by staying a little further out from central. But everything will be a little more cumbersome, since most of the attractions will take even longer to get to. For these reasons, we unequivocally recommend you book your accommodation in a centrally located accommodation; such as The Piccadilly London West.

History of Victoria Apollo, Aldywych theatre, and the Criterion theatre
The Apollo theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue opened its doors in 1901. It’s named after the Greek god of music, and was the first London theatre built in the Edwardian period and has a capacity of 705. The Aldwych theatre was built and opened in 1905; as a companion to the Novello theatre and has a capacity of 1,200. The Criterion theatre is the most modest out the three; with a small capacity of just 588. Nevertheless, you won’t go wrong by visit any of these three theatre venues.

Prices for shows range between £15-25, and many of the characters in the shows are relatable. You’ll find yourself rooting for different actors, laughing on the edge of your seat, and at times, potentially feeling deep sorrow. Theatre is that realistic, and it makes you connect with yourself, while ironically taking you away from yourself. Have a blast in London’s West End by booking a show. If you’ve never been, don’t fixate too much on which show to pick. Go in without expectations, and allow yourself to enjoy the experience with an open mind.

In essence, theatres in London epitomise the best in entertainment the city has to offer. Large crowds, year after year, continue to be entranced by the wonder of British theatres. There’s an elusive energy, a connection between the audience and the actors on the stage, which electrifies the atmosphere. With this special atmosphere, comes a feeling of total immersion. That’s what makes theatre in London magical! And that’s why we whole heartedly implore you to book a show at one of the many fine venues in the West End! It’s the only way you’ll discover the magic of London’s West End, and learn to appreciate an often underrated art form.