Neighbourhood Guide: Westminster


London has been the central hub of politics and social reform for centuries and was the birthplace of modern British democracy. The City of Westminster is home to some of the most historic establishments and iconic buildings in the country. Over hundreds of years the district has grown to become not only one of the most beautiful areas in London but one of the most visited by those looking to explore the history of the city and its democratic evolution. From iconic landmarks and incredible structures to a bustling community and thriving retail district, this guide will give you some great examples of things to do in the historic city of Westminster.


Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament are one of the city’s most famous political and cultural landmarks and are a must-see for anyone visiting England’s capital. Take a stroll through Parliament Square and snap a picture of the palace that has served as a platform of political debate for centuries. It’s the perfect way to make the most of our London West End stay package deal. The beautiful architecture and historic significance of this epic building makes Westminster Palace something that’s definitely worth ticking off your London bucket list.

Churchill War Rooms

This historic museum is one of the many branches that make up the Imperial War Museum and has become a must-see destination for visitors to the City of Westminster. What is now a museum that houses war-themed exhibits was once the command centre and base of operations for Winston Churchill and the government during the Second World War. Many of the major political and military strategies were developed from this underground complex during the Blitz. The War Rooms have since been preserved and now offer you the chance to see how the country’s leaders operated during the biggest conflict in history. Head over from The Piccadilly London West End hotels and venture underground to browse an amazing collection of historic documentation and wartime memorabilia.

Statues and monuments

As you stroll through the City of Westminster you’ll find a number of iconic statues and monuments that have been created throughout history in tribute to some of the world’s most famous figures. Visit the statue of Nelson Mandela and read about the man who changed the world. Head over to the Abraham Lincoln statue to find out more about one of America’s greatest presidents. Mahatma Ghandi, Benjamin Disraeli and Robert Peel are just a few other examples of memorials and monuments that can be found dotted around Westminster.

Westminster Abbey

Soak up nearly a thousand years of history at this ancient place of worship. Westminster Abbey is regarded as one of the greatest churches in the world and has been visited by millions of people including famous religious figureheads. The iconic towers and intricate architectural design makes this beautiful building a must-see for visitors and tourists looking to see the best of London’s historical landmarks.