The Park Grand’s retro London guide


It seems these days that everyone is looking backwards to bygone eras when flared jeans were in fashion and the nation’s favourite pastime was Pac-Man. Clothing, video games and the music industry have all taken a stroll down memory lane by rejuvenating classic trends. If you’re hoping to stay on trend this year, be sure to turn your attention back a decade or six and enjoy the pleasures of the past.

London is full of great retro-style activities and attractions. A great way to make the most of them is by taking advantage of our London west end deals and book a luxury suite The Piccadilly London West End. During your stay, you’ll be surrounded by all kinds of old-school hangouts so be sure to follow our retro guide and explore London’s vintage underground for yourself.

Swing dancing

The 90s had its moment but now the time of fist pumping and badly performed body popping has passed. It’s now much more fashionable to hit the dance floor with actual moves, and nothing beats the classic swing. Instead of standing shy at the edge of the club tapping your feet, have some fun and learn how to swing dance. There are plenty of old-school bars and clubs around London that welcome all classic styles of dance. If you feel like trying something new, check out the Swing Patrol. They’re an organisation that organises events and dance classes for dancers of all abilities.

Vintage shopping


The London fashion scene has adopted the latest vintage trend with open arms. There are hundreds of shops, boutiques and fashion markets around the city that specialise in alternative retro clothing from as far back as the 1920s. Areas like Shoreditch and Camden Town are particularly good for finding classic threads at great prices. Just around the corner from The Piccadilly London West End, you’ll find a treasure trove of vintage fashion outlets near the historic Seven Dials retail district.

90s Karaoke

If you want to go retro but not too retro, head over to one of London’s 90s Karaoke bars for a nostalgic night of singing. Try and hit all the right notes as you sing along to classic 90s pop tunes and enjoy the company of other fans of old-school classics. The 90s fashion specialist Hotsince91 organises regular karaoke nights at The Macbeth in Hoxton for those looking to have fun and test out their vocals.


Music lovers all over the world have turned their attention away from digital music streaming in recent years and have gone back to a simpler time when vinyl ruled the airwaves. Hundreds of record shops have popped up all around the city which means you have endless crates to dig through and thousands of classics to find. Reckless Records and Sister Ray are a couple of great record shops that can both be found close to The Piccadilly London West End.