Parks To Visit Near The Piccadilly London West End Hotel


London’s parks are among some of the most beautiful in the world and whilst there are many in the North, East and South which are just as wonderful to visit, the parks in Central London are truly special. Perhaps it’s because they are like little pockets of heaven, dotted carefully amongst the mayhem, the busy streets and the noise. They promise shelter, for a short time, and don’t require you to pay a penny. The lush greenery of Central London’s park contain secrets, history and often have a royal touch which leaves you feeling rather special upon visiting. It isn’t always about experiencing the thrill of the swings, slides and ice-cream vans, but about long walks, reflection, relaxation and beauty. There is also plenty to do and lots of activities to enjoy: open-air theatre, live music performances sports events and of course adventure playgrounds for the kids to enjoy expelling energy in. An idyllic haven of green open space, that you’ll never regret spending time in. Due to sheer number of beautiful parks in London, we will concentrate more closely on the ones in Central London, and take a look at what makes them exceptional.

Hyde PArk

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the most prominent and famous park in the whole of London. For all its vast open space and at times peaceful atmosphere, there are areas bustling with activity in the surrounding areas around the park. The north of the park is where Queensway and Baywater lie, with the Whitley Shopping center in close proximity. There are many hotels and hostels in the area too, so it’s great if you need a place to stay. Mayfair and Bond Street are to the East of the park, and its where you’ll find the world famous Intercontinental Hotel. Kensington, including Kensington Church Street is to the South, and Knightsbridge is to the South, where you’ll find the Royal Albert Hall, Exhibition Road, Harrods, and Belgrave Square with Embassies.

This London park has the best location if you’re looking for close proximity the main shopping areas. With a colossal size of 360 acres, it’s guaranteed to take you quite a while to cross it over. In the summer, when the weather is fine and the sun shining high in the sky, there is the opportunity to fish in certain designated places. Or you may decided to rent out a small boat and paddle across the lake gently, taking in the sights around you.

You can roller blade at the park if that’s something you enjoy, or take a walk down to Speakers corner, where you can speak your mind and scream it at the world. You can dabble in debates with likeminded strangers about topics which interest you.

Green Park

Green Park is visited by millions of people every year and is a one of London’s prized Royal parks. Right next the Queen of England’s residence, Buckingham Palace, this park offers a quiet oasis after the crowds and the excitement radiating from tourists eager to get a good look at the palace. This beautiful park and safe, and well maintained and is the place to be if you fancy a quiet picnic or a relaxing stroll.

Covering 40 acres, The Green Park is the essential link between St James Park and Hyde Park, in creating a chain of lush open spaces which breathe plenty of life into London. Memorials, statues and fountains can be viewed and admired at the park including the poignant Canada Memorial, which was unveiled by the Queen in 1994. The memorial was built to pay tribute to the 1 million Canadians who fought alongside the British Forces during the two world wars. There are also the large Memorial gates inaugurated by the Queen in 2002 which are devoted to five million people from the Indian-sub continent, Africa and the Caribbean who served or were killed in the two world wars.

You see as well as being a place of relaxation and beauty, The Green Park is also a place of remembrance, of pride, and of reflection.

St James Park

St James Park

Last but certainly not least is another of the immensely popular Royal parks in London, St James Park. Surrounded by some of the country’s most spectacular landmarks such as Buckingham Palace and St James Palace, this park provides the backdrop for some amazing pageants and shows. This park is particularly special as it’s literally surrounded by palaces! Trooping the Colours is just one of the special ceremonial displays performed by members of the British army. It has a rich landscape history which dates back 470 years ago, at a time when pigs grazed the swampy wasteland, and deer could be hunted. The park has retained all of its iconic royalty and splendour, whilst adopting a tranquil quality along with the many species of animals for whom the park is their home.

There are numerous events on at the park like the Horse Guards Parade and some stunning landmarks and statues to look at. Food and refreshments are simple and accessible for all so stopping off for an ice-cream or a hot drink shouldn’t be a problem.

Open all year round, St James Park is highly accessible to prospective visitors, and there are a number of bus and train options for your convenience.