The Piccadilly West End: Six Reasons Why it’s the Finest West End hotel


One of the most dazzling districts in any city anywhere in the world, the West End is revered for all its exciting, fascinating aspects; all of them unmissable for any visitor to the UK capital. And to enjoy them as much as possible, we’re sure you’ll come to agree the place to stay is with us at the Piccadilly London West End hotel. Here are the six big reasons why…

Finest West End hotel

  1. Look at our location!

There’s no getting away from it, the West End is one of the essential districts of London for visitors to check out – to that end then, why not actually make this area of the capital where you stay during your short-break? You’re served better than anywhere else in the city when it comes to entertainment, retail, dining and nightlife options here – with everything from globally-recognised theatres to world-renowned restaurants/ bars, as well as flagship high-street shops and outstanding department stores to terrific nightclubs, casinos, cinemas and, of course, acres and acres of glorious green parkland. Comprising the neighbourhoods of Soho, Mayfair, Chinatown, Westminster and Belgravia, it’s simply one of the most diverse, eclectic and fascinating stretches of urban hustle-bustle you’ll find anywhere on the planet. And yes, should you choose our hotel as the accommodation for your stay – you’ll be slap-bang in the middle of it all!

  1. Taste our dining and drink options!

We pride ourselves on ensuring our visitors enjoy the best possible stay with us and, in addition to preparing perfectly comfortable rooms for them, of course, this pretty much starts with our on-site wining and dining facilities. To wit, who could pass up the chance of giving our restaurant a go? Because at Hankies you’ll discover traditional Indian street food is turned on its head, transforming it into delicious dishes; many of them built around the roomali roti cuisine that sees the roti meat spit-cooked on a roomali tawa and placed in irresistible ‘hankies’ (hence the establishment’s name). But the menu extends far beyond these delicacies; it also includes the likes of spiced grill-meats, pan fry dishes and several different dry curries. Additionally, you’ll find the restaurant’s bar hard to resist should you be after somewhere for either pre- or post-theatre drinks, serving as it does a fine variety of cocktails, spirits and beers. Basically, whatever your appetite or palate, Hankies’ll deliver!

  1. Check out our spa and fitness centre!

If you’re sort of person whom, when journeying away from home, likes the idea of either being pampered or maintaining a fitness regime, then you’ll discover that, thanks to the Piccadilly London West End hotel spa, we come up trumps in this department too. With its three holistic treatment rooms, sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room and fitness room (the latter featuring all the state-of-the-art gym equipment you could need), our spa/ fitness centre is the perfect place to fulfil your health-kick needs or desires to be pampered and spoilt on a paradisiacal short-break at a boutique Central London hotel.

  1. Stay connected with us!

The idea of escaping from it all when you travel to a much heralded destination – especially overseas – is all very well, but the reality nowadays is that, when they do so, the vast majority of people really want (and usually need) to remain in contact with the outside world, not least their nearest and dearest. At The Piccadilly West End then, we take it as our duty to support our visitors here as much as possible, so on arrival you’ll be supplied with, should you want one, a free smartphone that comes with unlimited 3G data for the entirety of your stay, ensuring you can make and receive a local/ international calls whenever necessary. Plus, you’ll find that every room is furnished with high-speed Broadband Internet and all the public areas of the hotel offer complimentary WiFi.

  1. Let us host your corporate event!

Of course, far from every visit to the UK capital is foremost for pleasure; thousands come to the city every day for business purposes and, to that end, our hotel makes it a priority not just to cater for business travellers but also corporate events. Boasting conference rooms, voicemail facilities, a 24-hour reception and a dependable concierge and round-the-clock room service, you can depend on us for your business trip and meeting needs. Moreover, if you’re interested, do check our website and contact us to find out about our Corporate Club Rewards scheme.

  1. Sign up to our loyalty programme!

Finally, although (for all the aforementioned reasons) we’re confident you’ll agree with us that ours is the obvious choice for a stay in London’s West End, the truth is you’re spoilt for choice for accommodation in this city and, more specifically, this part of town. So, we’re aware of the importance of recognising loyalty in our returning visitors. We value those who choose to stay with us again, so much so that we’ve set up Premier Club Rewards; a programme that runs across the full family of Park Grand London hotels. So do please take a look on our website to discover all the exclusive offers, packages and inherent delights that becoming a member of the scheme affords repeat visitors – you won’t be disappointed!