Relax and Unwind in Style


There has been a recent spate of tube strikes in the capital, with commuters having to travel for extended periods in order to get to the office on time. Station closures and long delays will cause even the mildest-mannered individual to become frustrated and angry, as they may have to wait for hours for the next available service, or have to travel on a packed replacement bus.Relax

Many people opt not to have a car if they reside in London, as it is far easier to take public transport in order to get from A to B. You could opt for a taxi, but fares are extortionate, especially when you consider how busy the centre gets, especially in peak season. So you have to rely on frequent bus and train links, even if there are interruptions or setbacks to your journey.

The majority of people will begin to plan their next foreign jaunt as soon as the festive season comes to a close, as the weather is still chilly and dull, and the excitement of Christmas has faded away. All the jollity and cheer of New Year has long since dwindled, as yet another working week looms ahead, and all you have to look forward to is a lie-in on a Saturday mornlong since dwindled, as yet another working week looms ahead, and all you have to look forward to is a lie-in on a Saturday ing.

By focusing on jetting off to warmer climes in Easter or summer, you have something exciting to focus on, and can research the best package deals for you and your partner or family. There are so many affordable places to consider when thinking about your next adventure, such as Spain, France or the Canary Islands, but if money is tight and you have to stick to a strict budget then you may need to put your plans on hold.

However, there are a number of viable alternatives which you can look at in the meantime. Why not see what’s available closer to home, as you could be pleasantly surprised? One of the main reasons people choose to go on holiday is so that they can escape from the daily grind, and forget about all their worries and niggles. Household chores can be done when you return from your break, so all you have to do is sit back and put your feet up.

You may decide to take a trip up North to the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales, as the stunning countryside, lush green fields and spectacular views are quite simply awe-inspiring. For those keen to embrace the country lifestyle, this could prove to be the perfect choice, especially if you are a keen camper or love nothing more than riding on a canal barge.

If you prefer the hustle and bustle of a thriving city which never sleeps, then maybe head to Manchester and experience the many delights of the area. However, if you still want to remain in London but are aiming for complete luxury and relaxation then why not book a spell at the Piccadilly West End Hotel?

This guesthouse boasts the finest spa centre in London West End, and there are so many treatments and options to choose from. From manicures and pedicures to professional make-up services, you will end up looking and feeling like a million dollars after a long, indulgent pampering session. Massage and spa rituals are ideal if you feel a little stressed and uptight, as they help relieve tension.

Deep tissue massages are also a fantastic way in which to deal with any physical complaints which you may have. Nagging pains in your knee, creaking joints and back problems can all be helped considerably if you choose to take advantage of this particular type of therapy.

Swedish massages will improve blood circulation and increase the level of oxygen in your system. So you will feel the health benefits as well as being mentally stimulated, which works on a number of levels. Express facials are perfect for those on the go, as a variety of soothing minerals are added to a mask and applied with care. As this mask works its magic, a cleansing massage is carried out.

The Piccadilly London West End Spa is extremely popular amongst visitors looking for something extra special. After checking in (with a welcome drink for good measure) and being shown to your sumptuous, lavish suite, you can then peruse the range of services available and pick which session you wish to attend.

For more information regarding the variety of options on offer give the Piccadilly London West End Hotel a call today on 020 7871 6000.