Reviews for the Piccadilly West End Hotel

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Reviews today make it easier than ever to ascertain whether a product, service, or even hotel – is right for us. Expert opinions do provide the artistic flair and immersive view we sometimes seek. But short to medium length reviews from the ordinary person who’s just written a review for the mere sake of providing value and honesty – is what we’re most drawn by.

Hotels in West End London are plentiful, and that makes it even more challenging to pick the right one. The greater amount of choice, the more difficult it is to choose the accommodation we believe will best serve us during our stay. For most of us, our travel days are limited. So, it makes sense to take care and pay as much attention as possible to our choice of hotel.

The Piccadilly London West End hotelThe Piccadilly London West End Hotels on the surface seem to provide everything a traveller could wish for. From delightful, spacious meeting rooms, exquisitely designed furnishing, an indoor spa, a great restaurant, and a team that’s there to help visitors on every step of their hotel journey – it seems that it has just what the typical traveller needs, and more.

Yet, without having experienced a hotel first hand, it’s hard to say whether it will fulfil the promises and the surface appeal that’s so extremely well evoked. Luckily, sites like TripAdvisor allows us to have a more personal view into what staying in a particular accommodation will be like.

With over 261 reviews voted (with an average of a 5/5 rating), a certificate of excellence, and a vote as the 27th best hotel in London (out of 1072), it’s clear that the Piccadilly London West End isn’t just all talk.

Its visitors have all been delighted with their stay; some have called it one of the friendliest hotels in the city. Travellers, who have sought and experienced different accommodations in London, recognise the difference in quality and service the Piccadilly West Hotel provides.

Perfect for couples, families, and those looking for a close location to theatreland, the hotel is currently offering a 15% discount for visitors staying three nights or more.