Are you secretly a Londoner?


What does it mean to be a Londoner? Is it just the fact that you live inside the city limits or is it more than geography? Millions of people call London their home and there are millions more that join them every year to see the amazing sights and experience the rich culture. If you ask locals what it means to be a Londoner, each person’s answer will probably be different.

There are all kinds of fun stereotypes and cliché signs that can help you identify a Londoner and we’re going to look at some of them so you can see whether you are a Londoner at heart. Take advantage of The Piccadilly London West End Special Offers and head to London to see if you fit in as part of the furniture in this amazing city.

  1. You’re used to paying more than £5 for a pint.

If you go to the pub or a bar and don’t suffer from a mini stroke when your drink comes to more than £5 then you would make an ideal Londoner.

London airports

  1. Sun’s out legs out.

London isn’t renowned for its blistering weather all year round so when the sun does shine, Londoners always make the most of it. If you’re the type of person who will throw a pair of shorts or a skirt on even if the sun is giving off less heat than a 60Watt light bulb, you’ll fit in perfectly.

  1. Public phone conversations.

There’s one thing you’ll see Londoners do quite often and that’s talking on their phone as if the person on the other side of the call is deaf. The streets of London are always buzzing with loud conversations. If you’re the type of person who walks away to take a call and then speaks loud enough for everyone to hear, you could secretly be a Londoner.

  1. Jumping the Queue.

It is impossible to spend a whole day in London without getting caught in some kind of queue or line. Most Londoners have developed a natural instinct to get as close to the front as possible, whether it’s for a train, a show or a burger. If you’re a natural queue jumper you’ll do just fine in London. Don’t worry though, you can book into our hotels in West End in advance; so there won’t be any queues.

If ‘the city that never sleeps’ wasn’t a slogan already taken it would definitely be given to London. The busy districts throughout the city are running non-stop and the daily hustle seems never ending. Do you prefer working to sleeping, eating and breathing? If so you’ll do just fine in London.

5.Caffeine addiction.

Britain used to be a nation of tea drinkers but recently the likes of Starbucks have transformed London into a city of caffeine-fuelled bean addicts. If you struggle to make it through the day without getting your caffeine fix, you’ll feel as though you’ve died and gone to coffee heaven in London.