What To See In A Morning At The Imperial War Museum


London’s history is full of iconic moments and world-changing events that have shaped the city into what it is today. From political reform and social movements to conflict and war, London has seen it all. There’s a huge collection of museums, galleries and historical institutions to be found throughout the city, all of which are responsible for documenting and showcasing the rich artistic and cultural heritage of London and its many boroughs. The Imperial War Museum’s mission has been to create a timeline of conflict and war by exhibiting a huge catalogue of iconic memorabilia, military artefacts and works of art. If you’re planning a morning at the museum during your stay at the Piccadilly Hotel London, be sure to take note of our must-see exhibits:


People Power: Fighting for Peace

This unique exhibit will take you on a journey from the First World War up until the present day and will show you the development and evolution of peace movements throughout history. The aim of People Power is to explore the idea of social movements related to war and how they have influenced people’s perception of conflicts over the last 80 years. Take advantage of our London west end hotel deals and you can spend the morning browsing an extensive collection of paintings, music, literature and artefacts in this insightful showcase of historical social power.

The Holocaust Exhibition

Learn more about the persecution of the Jewish people during the Nazi regime that was responsible for the death of millions between 1933 and 1945. The atrocity will forever be remembered as one of the darkest times in global military history and you have the chance to learn more about the political conditions of the day that allowed the tyrant Adolph Hitler rise to power. The exhibit features an extensive collection of artefacts and documents that give an insight into the lives of some of the victims. Head over to the Imperial War Museum during your stay at the Piccadilly hotel London to see this unique exhibit and pay your respects to the fallen.

Secret War

A lot of the wars throughout history have been won through intelligence gathering and information sharing. This interesting exhibit gives you an inside look into the activities of spies during historic conflicts around the world. Learn more about covert operations that were undertaken by British Special Forces and see some of the gadgets and top-secret tools that organisations such as MI6 used in missions all over the world.

A Family in Wartime

Get a look at how the average British family managed to get by during the Second World War. This exhibit aims to put you in the shoes of an ordinary wartime family by highlighting the conditions that they lived in and the daily challenges they had to face. This is a humbling experience that will let you see what life was like in London during the Blitz and how families of the day had to deal with things like rationing and evacuation.