The Piccadilly London West End hotel is located in the heart of the city and it is nearby to a number of popular tourist attractions, including Tower Bridge. Tower Bridge is one of the most recognisable structures in London and it attracts thousands of tourists every single year; a trip to see Tower Bridge is definitely an activity that shouldn’t be missed. If you are staying in one of our luxury hotels in London’s West End you’ll find it extremely easy to get to Tower Bridge and once you’re there you’ll have lots to see and do. In fact, many visitors to the attraction are surprised that a visit involved much more than simply admiring the bridge from afar. Here are some of the must-see things to check out at Tower Bridge the next time you stay with us here at the Piccadilly…

Tower Bridge London Borough of Southwark, London, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

  1. The Glass Floor

Tower Bridge’s glass floor is one of the newest additions to the attraction, providing a modern and unique view of London to visitors. From 42 metres above the River Thames visitors can look down to see the traffic passing over the bridge and boats sailing beneath it. If you time your visit right you may even see the bridge being raised! One to avoid if you have a fear of heights!

  1. The Tower Bridge Exhibition

The Tower Bridge Exhibition explores the bridge’s history and how it came to be, all through a maze of walkways and stairs. Visitors can travel back in time to understand how this fascinating structure was built, why it was built and why it is now such an iconic part of London’s architecture. Plus, there are amazing panoramic views of London stretching out below including St Paul’s Cathedral, The Monument and Canary Wharf.

  1. The Engine Rooms

Visitors can also take a look at the Engine Rooms, where steam engines, coal burners and accumulators were all used to raise the Bridge in years gone by. It’s a real treat for anyone interested in the mechanisms and technology required to keep the Bridge running on a daily basis both then and now so it’s a top tip for visiting engineers and historians.

  1. Art on the Bridge #8

Art on the Bridge #8 is the latest art exhibition to be held at Tower Bridge. Running from 19th May – 31st December 2017, the exhibition displays the works of 13 local artists who all explore the idea of change in different ways. From paintings and photography to mixed media, Art on the Bridge #8 is a fascinating, albeit unexpected, attraction. Entry is included in admission price.


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